Monday, 1 June 2009

Videos of yesterdays Filming in Llandaff, Cardiff 31/05/09

Paul Mount has some videos and a report of yesterdays filming online

Following the official BBC announcement last week confirming that David Tennant will be featuring in a substantial guest role in two episodes of the forthcoming ie September) third series of the breezy children's Dr Who spin-off 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', filming on the series has been continuing in and around Cardiff.

Today (Sunday) saw a crew set up in the High Street, Llandaff village (literally a cough and a spit from Stuff Towers) so your trusty reporter (ie that's me!) trundled up to have a look at the action. Around 2pm the three young cast members who play Luke, Sarah Jane's surrogate son, his best mate Clyde and Rani, their neighbour, were gathered to rehearse and record a scene where they conspiratorially approach a restaurant (Mulberry's in Llandaff), gaze through the window and then dodge out of sight. Stuff caught the rehearsal on video; when the director realised that the assembled throng (well, there were a few people gathered opposite) could be seen reflected in the glass of the restaurant window, he very politely - extremely politely, in fact - asked us to move further up the road so we wouldn't be in shot. The scene was then recorded and you'll see my videoclip (below) taken from a slightly different angle. Note SJ's little green roadster parked at the kerb.

Your fearless Stuff reporter (ie that's still me!) couldn't hang about; it was a beautiful day, places to go, people to meet, new Colin Bateman novel to get stuck into. Apparently - here be the spoilers! - Lis Sladen and guest star Nigel Havers were seen at the location later in the afternoon.

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