Wednesday, 17 June 2009

More Sun News

FORMER James Bond star Timothy Dalton goes from meeting Dr No to Doctor Who.
Timothy, 63, is set to appear with current Timelord David Tennant and co-star John Simm in this year's Christmas special.

He plays a judge who puts the Doctor on trial in an intergalactic trial - and will scare the Living Daylights out of him.

David, 38, will give up his tenancy in the starring role and hand over the reins to rising star Matt Smith, 26, at the end of this year.

TV Biz reckons arch-enemy The Master - a role which Simm, 38, has bleached his hair for - will be the one to see off the Doctor in his current human form.

Comic Catherine Tate, 41, will return for her third Christmas special as Donna Noble.

The Shakespearean actress first appeared in the Christmas Day 2007 episode called The Runaway Bride.

Sources say Donna WILL get married in this year's special.

We wonder Who will give her away

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