Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More News of the TW Radio Times Special Edition

The latest issue of Radio Times boasts a stunning gatefold cover for Children of Earth, which features Captain Jack on the front with the tagline “Five episodes… five nights… and one great big explosive story”. The cover folds out to reveal Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones and Rhys Williams standing in the wreckage of the Torchwood Hub.

Inside the magazine, there’s an exclusive preview of the mini-series as well as interviews with the cast and crew, which include some controversial comments made by John Barrowman, picked up by various tabloids and websites today, regarding the BBC’s decision to cut down Series 3 to just 5 episodes.

You can read the full interviews, and check out the tantalizing previews, in the latest issue of Radio Times, out now at the usual price of £1.10. And with just under a week to go until the series officially hits our screens, expect lots more media coverage as we get ever nearer to launch day! 6 days to go!

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