Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Analysis of the Three Timelords photos

Fanatical For Who has a breakdown of the Three Time Lords photograph, (you can see the original here).

Its worth a read, as I am in 2 minds about its authenticity ATM

admit it. I get obsessed. It doesn't take much for me to do so, a picture, a word, someones face who I know but can't remember their name, and I am off to hunt it down, find it out, make sense of it.

So of course when the 'Three TimeLord' picture was posted (thanks i09) I just couldn't get my head away from it. Studied, watched tv, rested my injured body, all while this swirled in the back of my mind - Is it a fake? Is Timothy Dalton really in Who.. Why does John Simm have blonde hair for this?

Sad thing is I am not sure I have answered any questions. Instead I think i have slowly been spiraling into madness.

Steps to madness:

1. Ascertain whether Timothy Dalton's head is pasted on from another picture.
Search Timothy Dalton pictures..not many sites to chose from. See same pictures over and over. Can not find one that at all matches the picture in question.
The more you look at him the more your not sure its actually Dalton. Looks more and more like Dalton and Patrick Stewart love child for some bizarre reason.
Come to horrible conclusion you have proved nothing.. lack of evidence does not mean picture is tru blu or a fake.
Two pictures of interest in looking for Dalton pictures. Dalton Master & JokerBond

2. Pixel comparison
Enlarge picture to ridicules size and see if you can tell if someone did any pasting, blending and what not.
Realize that your software is not professional picture analyzing software and if it is a fake probably made with something better then you use.
notice inconsistencies that one min make you feel like "yep is fake" and next like its a terrible cell phone picture.

3. Look over faces and background
Despise the fact you can not make the background more clear and actually read whats behind them
DT's face either is covered with bruises (real or fake) or for some reason the picture taking/pasting has totally mangled his face.
Begin to accept that DT definitely has beady eyes. John Simm isn't much better.
Overall in the madness of staring at pixels and comparing pictures I find myself just throwing my hands and saying..if its real HURRAY and if not.. Good darn fake! I still remain dubious, a little excited if its true, but dubious non-the-less.


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