Friday, 12 June 2009

More News on 11th Doctors 1st Adventure

MyParkMag are claiming the eleventh Doctors premier adventure will feature the Daleks! And their reason is fans think Matt Smith is too young to play the Doctor.

This after Steven Moffatt, season fives showrunner, has already gone on record saying Doctor Who series five will not features any old enemies. So either Moffatt has given in and MyParkMag reporters have this exclusive information, or their reporters have been reading the same forums as the Sun reporters! I suspect the latter!

Matt Smith will battle The Daleks in his first 'Doctor Who' episode.
The 26-year-old actor - who takes over from current Time Lord David Tennant next year - will face the legendary extraterrestrial mutants in his first adventure to please fans who think he is too young to play the iconic role.

BBC bosses reportedly decided to revive the Doctor's most famous foes to boost show ratings as they are worried Smith will not be as popular as Tennant - widely considered one of the most successful stars of the long running sci-fi series.
A network source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "They know fans will take a while to get used to Matt as The Doctor, so it makes sense to have him fight his most famous enemies. They always bring good ratings."

BBC chiefs have previously revealed they plan to "step back in time" when designing the Tardis for the new series of the programme.

Instead of the current brown and orange interior, the time and space machine will have blue walls and white windows, similar to the original 1960s Tardis.

The new series of 'Doctor Who' - which stars Smith at the 11th Time Lord - is due to start next spring.

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