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TW Children of Earth (Day 1) Plot Synopsis of what Happens (Warning Spoilers

Warning - This is a MAJOR spoiler, not just a hint of what will happen, but a synopsis of all of episode one, read at your own risk...

...Scotland, 1965. Kids are being driven on a bus to the middle of nowhere, and when they get off, they all walk into a bright light and disappear. All except one...


I warn you now, I’m pulling everything here from memory. So it may not be exact, and some scenes will be out of sequence but it’s the general gist. I admit I am a Jack/Ianto fangirl, so there’s quite a bit of emphasis on that...

First scene we see, Scotland, 1965. Kids are being driven on a bus to the middle of nowhere, and when they get off, they all walk into a bright light and disappear. All except one.

Back to present day Cardiff and we see Gwen getting cash from a machine. She looks over to a mother telling her son off because he won’t move. The mother thinks he’s playing up, but Gwen looks over somewhere else, and a girl is doing the same thing.

Cut to lots more children not moving, in particular some children crossing the road. Rhys is in a van waiting at the crossing, he is not happy.

Cut to a house with a mother and her two kids. The kids are not moving.

Cut to another house and we see a man leaving for work (who we later find out is Mr. Frosbier) and his two daughters are not moving.

Cut to a mother talking to her son Stephen, and he is not moving.

All of a sudden the children start moving again, and act as though nothing happened.

Next we see a hospital and a man is flat-lining on a table. A doctor tries to defibulate him, but unfortunately the man dies, and the doctor has to go out to tell the people who brought him in the sad news. It’s Jack and Ianto and they act very sad indeed, and when the doctor asks how they know him, Jack tells him they live next door. The doctor automatically assumes they are a couple, and say he must have been a lucky man to have neighbours like him. Jack asks if they can see the body for sentimental reasons, and the doctor agrees.

They are given time alone with the body and set to work straight away opening the body up with a fancy laser thing.
Ianto: He said ‘People like you’. He thinks we’re a couple.
Jack: If that’s what we are is there a problem?

They get back to work and as Jack is pulling something nasty out of the body, the doctor bursts back in. Oopsie. Jack and Ianto don’t seem concerned and they put the something nasty in a Tupperware box. Apparently it’s a hitchhiker and it’s a rather nice thing to have in your body as it releases endorphins. The body is sealed up again with the same laser doohickey and it’s as though there was never a cut.

We see the man with two daughters from earlier and a young black girl going into a building. The man is Mr. Frosbier and the girl is Lois Habbiba and it’s Lois’ first day on the job. She and the other receptionist have been flooded with a lot of phone calls. A man in a military uniform goes into Mr. Frosbier’s office and sits down.

Jack and Ianto make their way back to the car and the doctor peruses, because he wants to know more. Jack and Ianto basically ignore him and climb into the SUV, and the doctor introduces himself as Rupesh Patanjali. He knows they’re Torchwood. He tells them that bodies have mysteriously vanished from the morgue, and that none of them have been white, with one black man, one Asian and three Chinese men.

Jack and Ianto tell him that it’s not their thing and drive away to Rupesh’s annoyance.

Gwen is in the hub when Jack and Ianto arrive back, and she tells them that there has been 11 traffic accidents that morning. All involving children and all as 8:40 am. At the same time, the military man is telling Mr. Frosbier the same thing.

Ianto find out that there has also been several traffic accidents in France with the same circumstances happening at 9:40am. But as France is an hour ahead it happened at exactly the same time.

As Ianto investigates and the military man reveals information, we find out that every single child in the whole world stopped at exactly the same time. Even in America, while most children are asleep, there are reports coming in.

The military man reveals to Mr. Frosbier that they are the only ones with the technology to gather all that information. Well, them and Torchwood.

In the meantime, Jack is trying to get through to Mr. Frosbier on the phone, but Lois tells him she can only take a message. She types up the memo on the computer, but when she types in the word Torchwood, a flag pops up. Hmm, curious. She uses the username and password the other secretary gave her and accesses the hidden files. Extraterrestrial activity? Seriously?

Back to the hub, and Ianto tells Jack that he was right, ‘he’ is outside. We find out that ‘he’ is Dr. Rupesh, and he’s looking for them. We find out that Jack intended this all along as he wanted to employ him as a doctor. Jack and Ianto keep finishing each other’s sentences and Gwen says they’re like twins, and that they’re bastards, because that’s exactly what they did when they recruited her. Gwen then volunteers to interview him and goes out to see him.

Jack and Ianto have a little conversation.
Ianto: Even she’s referring to us as a couple.
Jack: I don’t get the problem. I hate the word couple. (walks away)
Ianto: (looking a little sad) Yeah, me too.

Gwen and Rupesh chat. Rupesh knows all about aliens since moving to Cardiff 18 months ago, and says that every since people found out about aliens, the suicide rate has doubled. A devout Christian woman wrote a note that basically said ‘Science has won’. She felt insignificant and small with the size of the universe.

Gwen tells him that really, it means they’re all part of something bigger, but then across the road, she sees another child has stopped. So have several others. She runs over as she phones Jack and Ianto and tells them what’s going on.

We see playgrounds and children everywhere just standing still. All in the same moment, they all open their mouths and begin screaming, all at the same time, which is 10:30. It is very creepy.

Adults cover their ears and/or try and shake the children out of it. Ianto videos some children and Jack, Gwen and Rupesh help one of the mothers try and shake her child out of it.

Every child stops screaming at exactly the same moment.

Instead, the open their mouths and say ‘We. We. We. We. We.’ There is an inhuman undertone to the words.

The adults are creeped out.

‘We are. We are. We are.’

Even more creeped out.

‘We are coming. We are coming. We are coming.’

Cut to another scene and we see an older man standing on some grass doing the same thing as all the children.

Then the children snap out of it and go back to playing as though nothing ever happened. They also want to know why Ianto is recording them. The man snaps out of it too.

Further investigations are made in the hub, and we find out that every single child in the world was saying the words in English, no matter what their nationality. Gwen, however, finds a video of the older man, and they all decide this needs to be investigated, so she drives to England and the psychiatric hospital he lives in.

Rhys phones her as she’s driving and he’s viewing a lovely house. It looks like they want to buy it. He mentions that 8:40 is before school and that 10:30 is break time. He says this means everything is set on British time, and Gwen agrees, saying he’s getting too smart for his own good.

Uh oh, the end of the Severn Bridge. Good luck Gwen you’re entering England!

Jack and Ianto are outside sitting on the steps and talking.
Jack: We need a child.
Ianto: (Gives Jack a ‘YOU DON’T MEAN...’ look.)
They need to get a child so they can figure out what’s going on. Jack knows where he can get a child and goes to leave.
Ianto: Where are you going?
Jack: Who’s doing the couple thing now?
Incidentally, Ianto also knows where he can get a child.

This post is getting too big, so I have to cut it up into sections. Next part soon!

A man comes in to talk to Mr. Frosiber, and basically tells him ‘they are back.’

He takes him down to a room. Apparently something called the 456 contacted them once before, and they have again, at the same time all the children stopped and spoke in unison. It seems that this is not a good thing at all, and the Prime Minister needs to know.

We see the lady from earlier with the son named Stephen at the door. Surprisingly it’s Jack! She’s not happy to see him but Stephen is, and runs into his arms calling him Uncle Jack. Stephen tells Jack that he was possessed by an alien and used to talk, much to his mother’s disgust.

Ianto drives up to a council estate and it cut to the inside of a house. Its the lady from earlier with her two children, and when Ianto walks in, we find out she’s his sister, and that they are his niece and nephew.

It’s obvious that Ianto doesn’t see them very often as his sister calls him a stranger, and the kids don’t seem bothered that he’s there. The girl is playing a video game and the boy is in his room. Ianto offers the girl ten pounds and she takes it without looking at him, and the boy runs downstairs and takes a fiver from Ianto, although he says hello and runs straight back to his room.

Ianto says he missed Mika’s (the girl’s) birthday and that he’d like to take her out. Rhiannon says no, not after what happened today. Drat, plan foiled. Rhiannon asks Ianto if he’s been keeping things from her, saying ‘You’ve been seen...”

Back to Jack. And he and the lady, who we find out is called Alice, are talking. She says Jack’s never around, but he says it’s because she asked him to stay away. He’d see her every day if he could.

Alice: But it’s hard, Dad. (SHOCK HORROR) I look older than you and one day you’ll be standing at my funeral like you did mum’s.
This is why she doesn’t want him to see Stephen. She doesn’t want him to see Jack stay the same while he grows old. Jack says they can make things work and that he can take Stephen out. Alice is too clever and knows what Jack wants and calls him a bastard, Plan also foiled, and he leaves.

Gwen has found the mysterious man and talking to the nurses, we find out that he was found homeless aged 11 in Scotland. He’s been in institutions ever since, and they don’t know his real name, poor man.

Back to Ianto and Rhiannon, and they are sitting at the kitchen table, talking. I shall type the conversation as I remember, as it was wonderful. It’s not exactly right, I warn you.
Rhiannon: You’ve gone bent!
Ianto: ...pardon?
Rhiannon: One of my mates went to have a meal at that posh French place and she saw you there.
Ianto: So?
Rhiannon: With another man!
Ianto: So?
Rhiannon: So?
Ianto: You and Tina have lunch together all the time.
Rhiannon: Not up town we don’t. She said he was gorgeous. Like an escort! There was no way a woman was getting her feet under the table there.
Ianto: (silence)
Rhiannon: You don’t tell me anything. After dad died, you just went, and I felt like I’d done something wrong.
Ianto: You didn’t do anything wrong it’s just... work.
Rhiannon: You can tell me.
Ianto: Well yeah. It’s true.
Rhiannon: It doesn’t matter. Is he nice? Do you like him? That’s what we care about.
Ianto: It’s not... men. It’s him. Only him. And I don’t know what it’s going to be, or what it is, so I’m not broadcasting it.
Rhiannon: I promise, I promise I won’t tell anyone.
Ianto: Thank you.
Rhainnon’s husband walks in and sees Ianto: HELLO GAY BOY!

It seems to be in good nature though as he hugs Ianto in greeting. He asks if the fancy car outside is Ianto’s and he says it is. Husband says he should be careful, but Ianto says it’s fine, and that it’s triple locked.

We hear a car alarm. Uh oh.

Rushing outside, and the SUV is nicked! A hilarious scene happens where everyone is yelling and throwing bricks as the car drives past with someone mooning out of it. Ianto has to go back to the hub car-less.

Frosbier tells the Prime Minister all, and the prime Minister says that he wants nothing to do with it, his name is to be on nothing, it’s all in Frosbier’s hands

Gwen is interviewing the man, and he denies all knowledge until she tells him she’s seen aliens. He sniffs her hand and for some reason, can tell she’s telling the truth. So he tells her, and we find out that he’s the boy that escaped all those years ago. And he knows that whatever took the other children, they are coming back, he can smell it.

Gwen shuts off the security camera as it’s worrying him, and she gains his trust. He tells her his real name, which is Clement MacDonald, and that he was taken from the Holly Tree.

Oh, and that he can smell Gwen is pregnant. Oops.

Jack has gone to the hospital to see if he can get a child from the children’s ward, and we find out from Rupesh that another Chinese man has died of suspicious circumstances. Jack goes to inspect the body and BAM, Rupesh shoots him! We find out he is a plant working for the government to get into Torchwood, and a lady turns up on the scene. Jack wakes up and they shoot him again, and she uses the special tool from earlier to open his belly.

Ianto is back at the hub, and Gwen is on her way back. She phones him and tells him to search Clement MacDonald and Holly Tree. He finds the information needed. He tells her he lost the car but she’s too distracted to care.

When he does, an alert flags up in the government. Uh oh, Torchwood know too much. They need to be disposed of.

Back to Jack, and his belly is being closed up again. Rupesh knows that he has to disappear now as Jack will hunt him down. The lady tells him he is not simply going to vanish, and he runs for it, but she shoots him in the back.

When Jack next wakes up, Rupesh is on the floor next to him, dead.

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