Saturday, 13 June 2009

More TW S4 News

With Torchwood Children Of Earth still a month away from our screens, the following series of Torchwood is already in pre-production!

Yesterday there was a press viewing of Torchwood Children Of Earth episode 1, called Day One, it was followed by a questions and answers by Russell T Davies, who told us it all depends on how Torchwood Children Of Earth is received by viewers, bad viewing figures may stop its production! He also revealed he is prepared to Produce Torchwood for the next decade!

Last night at the National Film Theatre in London, Russell T Davies presented a preview of the first episode of the upcoming all-five-episodes-in-a-week season of Doctor Who-spinoff BBC TV show Torchwood.

The series, called Torchwood: Children Of Earth was followed by series creator Russell T Davies taking questions - and quite some discussion afterwards in the foyer.

Davies wants more Torchwood/Doctor Who spinoffs, but would only be drawn to a mention of the Doctor in the last episode of the new Torchwood series. Though he will appear in the upcoming third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

A fourth series of Torchwood has not yet been greenlit but Russell has no plans to leave the show - that’s if it gets a fourth series. The reception to the third series will determine that.

It’s also reported that he later let people know that the inside of the TARDIS is getting a more retro look in the fifth series and that the Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith, will be facing Daleks in his very first episode.

Torchwood: Children of Earth will show in the UK and the USA in July.

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