Friday, 31 October 2008

Who's Next

the Internet is gone Mad and with all this frenzy with David tennant leaving, the next big Question Is who is the next doctor without the pun intended for the christmas special. A lot of people are betting david morriesy or russell tovey tipped to take over the tardis but the BBC are in decline to refuse to say who's next

So much so in fact that Bookmaker or bookies are taking in bets to see who's playing the next doctor. they have bets on the following actor.

5/2 David Morrisey
3/1 Paterson Joseph
6/1 James MacAvoy
7/1 James nesbitt/Robert carlyle 
8/1 John Simm/Rhys Ifans 
12/1 Anthony Head
14/1 Alan Davies
16/1 Nigel Harman
25/1 Daniel Radcliff/Burn Gormann
33/1 Stephen Fry/ John Barrowman
20/1 The next doctor to be female
50/1 Christopher Eccelston 

This is according to william Hill betting shop, If you want to bet on either of these actors or if you have an actor in mind i suggest you go down to your local william hill and start betting as you will get some money in anyway

other actors have also been tipped of but its still a while yet so lets hope we hear something soon.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

10th Doctor Leaving

It has been officially announced by both The bbc And  David tennant himself that he will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the 2009 specials. There is a recorded interview  by lizo and also includes a trailer for the upcoming Christmas special titled the next doctor which is the same trailer shown at Comic-Con this summer. David tennant also announced his departure at the national television awards where he won for best actor and the show itself won for best drama.
It announced via video link at stratford upon avon where he is doing hamlet. He quotes in saying "he had amazing time on the show, he feels that its the right time to leave and doesn't want to overstay his welcome. He doesn't want to be pulled out on his bathroom seat he feels that 3 years is enough plus special is the right time to leave.  This news was no surprise to fans as in the past 3 years would be done for each doctor but the surprise came last night which fans were awaiting this news segment 

At the end of the Interview with Lizo there was a trailer for the next doctor xmas 2008 special 

The Video Interview  along with the trailer and the announcement made  are below I do not own it or own rights us publish it for fun:

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


The Sarah Jane Adventures have been nominated for the bafta children awards for Best drama who is representing the best in Children's production film, television and online. 
The series is up against a couple of other shows that broadcast on the CBBC channel. The channel itself has also been nominated for best channel of they year. People aged 7 to  14 can vote online
the link is below

Canadian Fanzine Enlightments latest issue is out now reviewing every story in series 4, 
interviewing Stephen moffat for his reign as executive producer and head writer for series 5.
a tribute to Russell t davies tenure as executive producer for the last 4 years working on 
doctor who, 
assessing donna noble as companion to the doctor and one fan's report of CBC and
how they broadcast doctor who.
The link is below:

According to Watch (UK Channel formally Known as UKTV Gold) Russell T davies 
will be appearing on The new Richard and Judy show this friday at 8:00pm (BWT)

Tonight is the National television awards which in the past 3 years both
David tennant (for best outstanding actor) and
Doctor who have both won it. So this year both David tennant 
and catherine Tate are head to head to winning it
Lets hope Doctor who can win it is year so that it will have won it
4 years in a row.
The NTA will broadcast on ITV at 8:00pm (BWT)


Hey all I will be reviewing all the sarah jane adventures up to the recent one plus all the news

The Sarah jane adventures Series 2
  • EP1. The Last Sontaran  written by Phil Ford Directed by Joss Agnew
Good piece of work Nice to see a recurring villain from doctor who universe. Phil ford has written this written emotional suspense, on one hand you have the main  action taken place and on the other hand you have the emotional maria who is leaving for america with her dad and yasmin gives an outstanding performance as with the Luke's character who thinks has lost his friend (maybe more than that -saying no more) will hopefully comeback at the end of the season. All round good opener for the series. Something to fill the gap between the now and the next doctor xmas special.  liz Sladen is a wonderful actress and the way she portrays hers is OK . the way she handles things without violence just proves that you can still handle things even without all guns blazing mind you arresting, persuading Kaahg  to leave is not all that great not convinced that a sontaran just leaves, maybe wanted more anyway just whimsy on a note but all round good story.
  • Ep2. The Day Of the Clown written by Phil Ford and Directed by Michael Kerrigan
Another alright story yet i feel this has been reinstated before, Clowns are scary but with a twist from a meteor that fell to earth all those years ago. Introduce a new girl rani who is more upbeat than maria and is more focused. Bradley Walsh gives an outstanding performance. The whole thing with sarah and her childhood fear works but trying to put the kids under a spell with a balloon not so good maybe works better with smoke or whatever. Nice nod to human nature/family blood where the little girl has a balloon so I guess its alright. Showing that clowns are scary can fright a younger audience. The hall of mirrors was at its best which frightened sarah a lot and the fear of losing her son is an added bonus. Overall not bad could've been better, clown stories are not that great maybe for a younger audience but naah.

  • Ep3. Secret Of the stars written by Gareth Robert's Directed by Michael Kerrigan
This one was the best so far written by a doctor who writer who does so much work on TV comics. The cliffhanger was amazing, thought clyde was going to regenerate anyway. Good to see some doctor who reference and a cameo clips from series 2 ep4 and series 4 ep13 which is a nice nod. The plot where one man is sucked in by the stars is not bad I mean dragging people by their star signs can be drag not so taken in by everyone under a spell expect luke who becomes the real star of the Episode. Then everything is resolved by a touch of a hand by Luke com one i mean quick resolutions can be done easily but I guess it work s in a sense overall another good piece by Robert's not bad story.

Next week the Mark of Berserker starring Clyde's father coming back and the actor is the same guy who played paul in eastenders way back

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Battlefield DVD

According to the Doctor Who restoration Team they finally announced that they will be relaesing the 1989 slyvester McCoy story Battlefield which is due for release on December 29th. Its coming out on Region 2 by 2Entertain and will feature bounus never before seen footage which the orginal VHS copy had now in better quality DVD with better CGI effects. Also on the dvd is commentries with Nicholas Courtney, Angela Bruce, writer Ben Aaronovitch and script editor Andrew Cartmel. other features unclude documnetry, trailers and behind the scenes more info can be seen on their website below

Radio DW

welcome to a new Podcast call Radio doctor who. This a podcast dedicated to the longest running sci-fi series currently celebrating 45 years worth. This Podcast has been 2 to 5 years in the making and although not out yet its still in pre-production and soon to be in post production.

Any way want to post my first blog and announce my new podcast which will contain witty banter and having review both new and classic and commentaries as well having news segments.
As well as the Podcast I will be publishing News regarding Doctor who or anything related which hopefully be posted daily
More Information regarding the podcast will be available soon as possible