Friday, 31 October 2008

Who's Next

the Internet is gone Mad and with all this frenzy with David tennant leaving, the next big Question Is who is the next doctor without the pun intended for the christmas special. A lot of people are betting david morriesy or russell tovey tipped to take over the tardis but the BBC are in decline to refuse to say who's next

So much so in fact that Bookmaker or bookies are taking in bets to see who's playing the next doctor. they have bets on the following actor.

5/2 David Morrisey
3/1 Paterson Joseph
6/1 James MacAvoy
7/1 James nesbitt/Robert carlyle 
8/1 John Simm/Rhys Ifans 
12/1 Anthony Head
14/1 Alan Davies
16/1 Nigel Harman
25/1 Daniel Radcliff/Burn Gormann
33/1 Stephen Fry/ John Barrowman
20/1 The next doctor to be female
50/1 Christopher Eccelston 

This is according to william Hill betting shop, If you want to bet on either of these actors or if you have an actor in mind i suggest you go down to your local william hill and start betting as you will get some money in anyway

other actors have also been tipped of but its still a while yet so lets hope we hear something soon.

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