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Hey all I will be reviewing all the sarah jane adventures up to the recent one plus all the news

The Sarah jane adventures Series 2
  • EP1. The Last Sontaran  written by Phil Ford Directed by Joss Agnew
Good piece of work Nice to see a recurring villain from doctor who universe. Phil ford has written this written emotional suspense, on one hand you have the main  action taken place and on the other hand you have the emotional maria who is leaving for america with her dad and yasmin gives an outstanding performance as with the Luke's character who thinks has lost his friend (maybe more than that -saying no more) will hopefully comeback at the end of the season. All round good opener for the series. Something to fill the gap between the now and the next doctor xmas special.  liz Sladen is a wonderful actress and the way she portrays hers is OK . the way she handles things without violence just proves that you can still handle things even without all guns blazing mind you arresting, persuading Kaahg  to leave is not all that great not convinced that a sontaran just leaves, maybe wanted more anyway just whimsy on a note but all round good story.
  • Ep2. The Day Of the Clown written by Phil Ford and Directed by Michael Kerrigan
Another alright story yet i feel this has been reinstated before, Clowns are scary but with a twist from a meteor that fell to earth all those years ago. Introduce a new girl rani who is more upbeat than maria and is more focused. Bradley Walsh gives an outstanding performance. The whole thing with sarah and her childhood fear works but trying to put the kids under a spell with a balloon not so good maybe works better with smoke or whatever. Nice nod to human nature/family blood where the little girl has a balloon so I guess its alright. Showing that clowns are scary can fright a younger audience. The hall of mirrors was at its best which frightened sarah a lot and the fear of losing her son is an added bonus. Overall not bad could've been better, clown stories are not that great maybe for a younger audience but naah.

  • Ep3. Secret Of the stars written by Gareth Robert's Directed by Michael Kerrigan
This one was the best so far written by a doctor who writer who does so much work on TV comics. The cliffhanger was amazing, thought clyde was going to regenerate anyway. Good to see some doctor who reference and a cameo clips from series 2 ep4 and series 4 ep13 which is a nice nod. The plot where one man is sucked in by the stars is not bad I mean dragging people by their star signs can be drag not so taken in by everyone under a spell expect luke who becomes the real star of the Episode. Then everything is resolved by a touch of a hand by Luke com one i mean quick resolutions can be done easily but I guess it work s in a sense overall another good piece by Robert's not bad story.

Next week the Mark of Berserker starring Clyde's father coming back and the actor is the same guy who played paul in eastenders way back

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