Wednesday, 29 October 2008


The Sarah Jane Adventures have been nominated for the bafta children awards for Best drama who is representing the best in Children's production film, television and online. 
The series is up against a couple of other shows that broadcast on the CBBC channel. The channel itself has also been nominated for best channel of they year. People aged 7 to  14 can vote online
the link is below

Canadian Fanzine Enlightments latest issue is out now reviewing every story in series 4, 
interviewing Stephen moffat for his reign as executive producer and head writer for series 5.
a tribute to Russell t davies tenure as executive producer for the last 4 years working on 
doctor who, 
assessing donna noble as companion to the doctor and one fan's report of CBC and
how they broadcast doctor who.
The link is below:

According to Watch (UK Channel formally Known as UKTV Gold) Russell T davies 
will be appearing on The new Richard and Judy show this friday at 8:00pm (BWT)

Tonight is the National television awards which in the past 3 years both
David tennant (for best outstanding actor) and
Doctor who have both won it. So this year both David tennant 
and catherine Tate are head to head to winning it
Lets hope Doctor who can win it is year so that it will have won it
4 years in a row.
The NTA will broadcast on ITV at 8:00pm (BWT)

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