Sunday, 5 July 2009

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So some of you might be wondering what's going on with the blog at the moment and stuff, for more information just click here and you will be redirected to Combom's site, which was the main victim of Thomas's copying.

I myself was certainly not a fan of this blog, and will probably not update it, I might just leave it alone to never be updated again, but will not be deleting it as I want the posts to be proof.

Thomas, let's say, was a strange person for many reasons. some of them include; Having Multiple Identities (posting on his cbox as chris, mike, john, phil etc.), and another being that he wanted to meet up with some of the regular visitors on Combom's site. Most of them being under age, which is well, yeah....

So that is all, and just to make it clear, Radio Doctor Who will no longer be copying/stealing news posts, let alone, even post news anymore.

And if you make contact with Thomas again, just be careful and don't give out personal details, as he requests...


Hi There! :)

My name is sylar, thomas actually fell for my trick and hes no longer part of the site, I am the new owner. I might do what shouldve been done a long time ago, remove the site. But should I? Does he deserve that? You decide! Just comment on the cbox!! Byeee

(After all he always copied posts)

DW S3 on Watch

On Saturday 11th of July UKTV Watch has a Doctor Who weekend, which incorporates the start of a repeat showing of series 3, which will be on every Saturday at 8pm (+1 9pm), taking us into October!

Saturdays at 8pm - PLUS Doctor Who Weekend from Saturday 11th July
This month Watch dedicates a whole weekend to Doctor Who, Britain’s iconic Timelord, complete with back-to-back episodes that culminates in the start of series three.

Series three starts when a young medical student’s life takes an unexpected turn when the hospital she works in is transported to the moon. She is plunged her into a battle with a gang of bureaucratic stormtroopers called the Judoon and her first meeting with the Doctor… a meeting that will change Martha Jones’ life forever.

With a new companion in tow, the Doctor embarks on a new set of adventures, including a brush with Shakespeare in Elizabethan England, and a trip back to 1930s New York, where an old foe has been busy reconstituting its army for a showdown at the top of the Empire State Building.

TW Children of Earth preview by the Circuit

TW Children of Earth Countdown 1 day to go

If you didn’t know already, the new series of Torchwood kicks off on BBC One TOMORROW NIGHT at 9PM, and here’s our penultimate countdown to celebrate its anticipated return!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

2010 Annuals and StoryBook Covers released

The final covers for the official Doctor Who annual and storybook for 2010 have been released.

The annual, which will be published on 6th August 2009, is listed as being the perfect gift for any budding Time Lord, and is packed with exclusive comics, stories, features and activities.

Meanwhile, the latest storybook - like previous years - contains eight stunning new illustrated Tenth Doctor adventures, and will be available to buy from 1st August 2009. Full details (including stories, authors and artists information etc…) will be released closer to the book’s publication.

DW Scripts

The Following are links to DW Scripts

TW Children of Earth Countdown

We’re so excited about the third series of Torchwood, Children of Earth - which starts Monday on BBC One at 9PM - that we’ve been posting our very own countdown videos all week to mark the return of the team onto our screens.

TW The Dead Line






TW Blog

With the transmission of the three Torchwood Radio plays now complete, the BBC has published a blog, written by producer Kate McAll, looking at how the series was created.

The blog looks at how the programme was cast and how the series was put together. It features several pictures from the recording session.

All three of the Torchwood Plays can be heard on the BBC iPlayer and, for the first time, listeners in the United Kingdom can download permanent copies of the programmes as MP3 files.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Download TW The Dead Line Unrestricted International Version

It appears the download for Torchwood The Dead Line works for the UK and Europe, but not for all the USA (some people are having issues)! Whats more the BBC download is only open for a week, so here is a download for every country, and its there forever (I hope

Its a .rar mp3 file. If you can't deal with a rar file, google for the free download!

Who can't access the BBC MP3 files, and what country are you in?

TW- The Dead Line BBC R4 Drama Full Report/synopsis

At 2.15 today, BBC Radio 4 transmitted Torchwood The Dead Line Audio Drama by Phil Ford. It is a play, starring the cast, NOT just a reading of a story!

Spoiler warning - An abbreviated synopsis of the story follows, you may like to stop reading now.

Ianto Jones makes a phone call, he says Jack Harkness is dying. Jack is in a Cardiff hospital, he has something Gwen calls worse than death!

Time flashes back - A Cardiff hospital starts being inundated with patients who have fallen into coma-like trances, Torchwood start to investigate, and it seems to be caused by recieving a strange phonecall.

They work out the number that has called all the people in a coma, 2059, Jack calls it, but its dead, then it calls him back! Jack answers the phone and falls into a coma.

Back to today - Gwen calls Rhys and warns him not to answer the phone. Ianto stays with Jack in hospital, Rhys helps Gwen.

They find where the calls originate from, Maddock House, now standing empty. Rhys breaks in, there is a terrible smell inside, athough the building is disconnected, the phones start ringing. They find a rotting dead body, the origin of the smell!

In hospital Ianto is telling Jack how he feels about him, but it doesnt do anything, Jack doesn't move.

Gwen and Rhys investage further, they find the owner of Maddock House, Mr Turner, he takes them to a private nursing home, full of people in comas. These people all fell into comas in Maddock House. Turner blames a thunder-storm in 1976 for all this, the house was struck by lightning, it made the lightbulbs blow, but the phones rang, and it all started! This date also marked the end of a national drought.

It appears its an organic computer-style virus, that attacks peoples brains, spread by the telephone system. The virus starts calling all phones, trying to spread further, but Gwen and Rhys stop it, Jack comes round and its all over.

Typed as I listened, yeah I can do better, as can you (and I invite you to), but its just a synopsis! I will have this episode as an MP3 for download shortly :)

Creation of the Daleks Documentary

Who Cares- Doctor in Distress Single 1985 single with Video!

DW Theme By Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

TW The Dead Line On BBC R4 Today

Don’t forget that the final Torchwood radio story, The Dead Line by Phil Ford, will be on BBC Radio 4 later this afternoon.

When a Cardiff hospital is inundated with patients who have fallen into coma-like trances, Torchwood move in to investigate. But the trances appear to have been triggered by phone calls, all received on retro phones and made from a number that hadn’t been active for over 30 years…

Determined to find out who has been calling the unfortunate victims, Jack rings the mysterious number, but the line is dead. But then it calls Jack back.

The Dead Line, which is the third pre-series audio play to have aired this week, will transmit at 2:15PM on BBC Radio 4 this afternoon. To listen to it again afterwards, head over to the BBC’s iPlayer service. It’ll also be available to buy on CD, along with yesterday’s episode, Golden Age, from 8th July 2009.

More news Of Confirmation of a DW Movie

Plans for a new Doctor Who movie featuring the Tenth Doctor will be unveiled at the end of the month, various sources have claimed.

According to the reports, Russell T Davies and David Tennant are expected to confirm the breaking news when they attend the San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday 26th July 2009, where they’ll be taking part in a Q&A session. Some would say that that’s the perfect time to make the big announcement…

Rumours of a possible movie have been circulating for years now, but they were recently brought to light again when it was confirmed that BBC Films are currently developing a script for a big screen adventure. The speculation was given more fuel earlier this year when ‘Doctor Who - The Movie’ appeared on Russell’s agency portfolio, but it was later removed when fans discovered the update (news leaked too soon perhaps?). As well as that, the outgoing showrunner has promised that some big news that’s ‘worth the wait’ will be confirmed in due course…

So, is the Doctor heading to the big screen? Only time will tell…

Hundreds of Photos from Filming TW Children of Earth

With the show about to show next week, here are 500+ photographs from the filming of Torchwood Children Of Earth.

Thanx to Alun.Vega for these fantastic photographs.

TW Children of Earth Countdown 3 Days to go

TW golden Age