Wednesday, 1 July 2009

TW Asylum BBC Radio 4 afternoon Play Full synopsis/report

At 2.15 today, BBC Radio 4 transmitted Torchwood Asylum Audio Drama by Anita Sullivan. It is a play, starring the cast, NOT just a reading of a story!

Spoiler warning - An abbreviated synopsis of the story follows, you may like to stop reading now.

PC Andy Davidson arrests a soaking wet shoplifter, called Frida. Because of the strange gun found on her, he calls Torchwood. At first they can't get anything out of Frida, she seems to think water is rationed, the team suspect she has come through the rift.

The gun is revelled as an URC, a Universal Remote Control, which replaces money and stops security cameras working. She explains she fell out of the sky, into the river, which explains why she is wet through.

She keeps speaking of Ghosties, and escapes by jumping through a closed glass window, to a 20 foot drop, cutting her arms, but it dosen't make her bleed, it is obvious she isn't human! Frida is heading for her supposed contact in Lundy Street.

PC Andy learns more about Torchwood and what they do (ready for Children of Earth I expect).

Jack Harkness tries to arrest Frida at gunpoint, but she escapes on a motor-cycle, the team suspect she is heading for the river. They catch up with her, Frida is feeling lost, there is no way she can return home. We learn Frida is one of 13 aliens who settled here, in our future, and where helped by Torchwood from the future to come here, so can Torchwood in the future control the rift? But did Torchwood of the future send her here for Fridas welfare, or ours? The mystery remains unanswered.

Typed as I listened, the next one is on tomorrow afternoon at the same time! I hope to have this episode as MP3 for download soon :)

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