Thursday, 2 July 2009

TW Golden age BBC R4 Drama Full report/synopsis

At 2.15 today, BBC Radio 4 transmitted Torchwood Golden Age Audio Drama by James Goss. It is a play, starring the cast, NOT just a reading of a story!

Spoiler warning - An abbreviated synopsis of the story follows, you may like to stop reading now.

The Torchwood team go to India and find a steam-train unloading high-tec equipment, that are addressed to Captain Jack Harness, much to Jacks surprise!

They witness hundreds of people disappear in Deli and Jack finds Torchwood India, a building he closed down in 1924. It now it appears to be an colonial club which is strangely stuck in the past, as is its young and beautiful owner, Eleanor, the Duchess - who is an old flame of Jacks, and hasn't aged a day!

After talking with the Duchess, they agree to split up to search the club (Scooby Doo anyone?) looking for the source of an energy field they detect. The people in the club claim its residual radiation from alien artifacts that has kept them looking young, but the residents can't leave the club, or they die of old age!

Gwen and Ianto are overpowered and chloreformed, the club still has one piece of alien technology, a time store, it preserves life inside while time outside moves on. The dissapering people are being used to feed the time store, the further away they get from 1924, the more power they need, and its starting to need a lot of people!

Gwen and Ianto are to be used to feed the time store, but escape, meanwhile Jack learns they intend to put the whole world back to 1924, and use all the people as fuel for the machine, so Jack starts closing the time store down, and everyone who is in its world, dies. The club is gone forever.

Typed as I listened, the last one is on tomorrow afternoon at the same time! I will have this episode as an MP3 for download shortly :) IMHO this is a better show than yesterdays Asylum BTW!

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