Sunday, 5 July 2009

DW S3 on Watch

On Saturday 11th of July UKTV Watch has a Doctor Who weekend, which incorporates the start of a repeat showing of series 3, which will be on every Saturday at 8pm (+1 9pm), taking us into October!

Saturdays at 8pm - PLUS Doctor Who Weekend from Saturday 11th July
This month Watch dedicates a whole weekend to Doctor Who, Britain’s iconic Timelord, complete with back-to-back episodes that culminates in the start of series three.

Series three starts when a young medical student’s life takes an unexpected turn when the hospital she works in is transported to the moon. She is plunged her into a battle with a gang of bureaucratic stormtroopers called the Judoon and her first meeting with the Doctor… a meeting that will change Martha Jones’ life forever.

With a new companion in tow, the Doctor embarks on a new set of adventures, including a brush with Shakespeare in Elizabethan England, and a trip back to 1930s New York, where an old foe has been busy reconstituting its army for a showdown at the top of the Empire State Building.

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