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Doctor Who - 2008- End Of year Review

As 2008 draws to a close and we say hello to 2009 i decided to a end of year round up of the year surrounding doctor who and its sipn- offs so lets begin.

in January we had torchwood series 2 which aired on BBC Two on 9 January 2008 which began with kiss kiss bang bang. The series reached new levels of success this year, so much in fact that Series 3 has been promoted to BBC One! Unfortunately, we were forced to bid farewell to both Tosh and Owen at the end of the series, but they will always remain in our hearts! They did good, didn't they? The series drew to a close on April 4th with Exit Wounds

Then April 5th came and Doctor who series 4 launched in April with Partners In Crime. In it we had everything and everyone, ranging from monsters made from fat to creatures lurking in the shadows... And to finish it all off, all of our favourite companions from the past 4 years returned for the ultimate series showdown against the Daleks, led by their creator, Davros. The Doctor and Donna, with the help of Rose, Jack, Martha and Sarah Jane, did battle to save the world from the oncoming Darkness. It was for the final episode, Journey's End which aired in July 5th, that Doctor Who was crowned the most watched programme of the week for the first time in its entire history!

By this time Doctor who had massive ratings which drew in 10 million viewers making it the 1st most watched program of that week. second was Voyage of the damned which saw 13 million viewers for that week alone.

Over the next 5 months where quite interesting.
At the end of the journeys end we had a teaser trailer for the next doctor

then in July across the atlantic at comic-con san Diego saw anohter trialer for the next doctor which proved interesting

Came September and Russell T davies Along with Benjamin Cook Released The writers tale which was a series of email between the 2 of them and showed an alternative ending to journeys end where we saw the doctor saying what 3 times and 2 cybermen were behind them which was interesting to see.

Also in september saw the first episode of series 2 of The Sarah Jane f Adventures and a new character called rani. Fans Of the show were also have found out that third series to be aired to next Autumn!.

October drew fandom at its highest when david tennant announced at the National television Awards that he is to step down as the 10th doctor at the end of the 2009 gap year specials. This news was among others expected as both rtd and julie garnder and Phil colinson have left and Stephen Moffat also announced that he is to take over as executive producer of series 5 and piers wegenr to take over as head of drama was anticipated
This would leave us fans and the bbc the search for the 11th doctor and the search still continues

November left us with a 2 minute preview of the next doctor which was shown on the Children in Need telethon
Many names have left bookies possiblites with the Next doctor

December And just a few short days ago, we were also treated to this year's Christmas special, The Next Doctor, which saw the return of the Cybermen and the rather extreme rise of the CyberKing. the ratings overnights showed 11.7 million viewers with 12.56 peaked which showed dw can be the top program at christmas

The Future definitely looks bright for the Whoniverse!

Although we'll only have a few episodes of Doctor Who in 2009, and just 5 episodes of Torchwood, no doubt the storylines will be bigger and better than ever before, and of course there's one huge storyline we're all waiting for...

So with that in mind i wish everyone at radiodw and to all the viewers and readers of this blog a happy New Year and hope for a Fantastic 2009 for who fans one and all.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Neil Gaiman On the Next Doctor

Neil Gaiman is someone to watch if your a Doctor Who fan. He is good friends with the forthcoming showrunner Steven Moffat, and not only is he a great writer, but the smart money is on at least one story in season five by him!

So when Neil speaks, you have to listen, here is what he said about The Next Doctor;

I liked it, but kept expecting it to turn a corner and for me to love it, which it, and I, never did. Possibly because the clanky high techCybermen have no hold on my heart in the way the silent bacofoil ones did and do, and possibly because of spoilery reasons having to do with never really buying the David Morrisey plot to begin with. Loved the moments of David Tennant-as-companion though, and that Miss Hartigan can come to my funeral in a red dress any time she wishes.

Read his full post here.

Monday, 29 December 2008

DW Confidential

Here is the Christmas DW Confidential that aired on BBC Three straight after the transmission of the Next Doctor. Enjoy:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

The Next Doctor Appreciation Index

The Next Doctor had an Appreciation Index figure of 86 making it the second most enjoyed programme on mainstream television on Christmas Day. The only programme to score higher was Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death which scored 88.

The Appreciation Index, or AI, is a measure of how much the audience liked the programme. It is a score out of 100, based on responses from a carefully selected panel. The average score for drama on BBC1 and ITV1 is 77. A score in excess of 85 is regarded as excellent while a score below 60 is poor.

With overnight figures now available for the whole of Christmas week, Doctor Who stands as the second most watched programme of the week, a position it is expected to retain when BARB releases the corrected figures next week. If so this would be the fifth top five place in succession, a record for the programme

Torchwood Toned Down for US Market

John Barrowman has revealed that Torchwood's Stateside popularity has led to the third season being toned down.

The Captain Jack Harkness actor told The People: "We're not swearing or doing anything close to the bone because it's been a huge success in the US and the networks won't accept it with all that stuff in it."

"We're doing everything so it doesn't have to be heavily edited for the US," Barrowman claimed, before adding: "I'll still be getting naked and it will still be saucy - but it's done with taste."

Torchwood has achieved record ratings on BBC America and moves to BBC One for a shortened run of five episodes, expected to be screened over consecutive nights in the Spring.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

DW Confidential

After seeing so many people asking for The Next Doctor Confidential, I decided I'd better sort something out, so here it is! Just click here to view it, its the full one hour version BTW :)

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Richard and Judy Review The Writers Tale

Here is the video clip taken from Richard and Judy's Book review which shows them reviewing the writers tale. The show was broadcasted on late November and its 40 seconds in they start to review the book. Enjoy:

DWM 404

Here is the Cover for DWM 404 more details will follow as they come in

DW Top 5 Christmas Moments

Here is the Doctor who top  5 christmas moments that was shown on BBC Three straight after the confidential which lasted for 10 minutes. Enjoy:

Friday, 26 December 2008

Donna Noble storys in 90 second

Here is the last and final video from the 2008 advent Calendar. Enjoy whats left of the festive period and remember to leave comments as they would be muchly appreciated:

Watch and download the Next Doctor for Free

If you are outside the UK, you are probably having problems viewing The Next Doctor.

You can watch the full version here (zshare).

And its here too (supernovatube).

And another one here (ninjavideo).

And two more here and here (veoh) You need to join to watch >5 minutes, but it is free!

Or you can download it here (gigasize).

And here (rapidshare).

And here (uploadline).

And here (megashares).

And here (megaupload) PW: jab007

Its on lots or Torrents for download here.

Its also for download on Usenet, along with Confidential and the Top 5 Christmas Moments, but you will need an account!

Its on YouTube, but the audio is out of sync with the pictures, and part six is missing :(

And its here on iPlayer for UK viewers too :)

The above are all free sites (Usenet may require a subscription), I have never paid to leech or watch anything online, there are enough free places if you look, searching is cheaper than paying, and as reliable!

Viewing UK content Outside the UK

A lot of viewers of this blog are waiting for reposts of UK only material, but is there something else you can do?

How about a proxy server (I have been using one for years!), a simple description is it tricks your internet connection so it thinks its in another country (ok this is a poor description, please don't complain, its more like a BNC). Its explained very well here.

Planet Of the dead Similarities

As you are probably aware, the Easter episode of Doctor Who is called Planet of the Dead. But why does it sound familiar? Well...

It sounds not unlike the title of these stories; Planet of the DaleksPlanet of the SpidersPlanet of GiantsPlanet of Evil,Planet of FireThe Unquiet DeadForest of the DeadThe Dead Planet (episode from The Daleks) and Planet of the Ood, thats just off the top of my head, theres probably more!

Forum rumours flying ATM says its probably about Gallifrey, wellRussell T Davies has almost rebooted all the Doctor Who universe forSteven Moffat, but to complete the cycle, Gallifrey has to return (well, at least some Time Lords), so its definatly a thought!

The Next Doctor- Reaction

Following the broadcast of last night's Christmas special episode of Doctor Who, "The Next Doctor", on BBC One, various newspapers and websites have been publishing their reactions both to the episode itself and its high position in the Christmas viewing charts.

The Telegraph's Christmas television reviewpraises the episode, claiming that "As Morrissey’s Doctor said, it was complete and utter nonsense – but wonderful nonsense, nevertheless." In The Mirror, critic Jim Shelley wrote that BBC One's Christmas schedule as a whole "From 2pm through to 11.35pm... was perfect viewing." He wrote of "The Next Doctor" that: "David Morrissey threw himself into the part and showed that if he gets the call he has the gusto to make a classic old-fashioned Doctor Who... Up against all this, the other channels simply rolled over." TV Scoop, meanwhile, was less impressed, calling the episode "something of a swing and a miss."

The high viewing figures attained by the episode have been covered across a wide variety of media. BBC News, along with several other outlets, has ranked the Christmas Day programmes in order of peak rather than average viewing figures, placing Doctor Who third rather than second. The main thrust of most media reports of the Christmas ratings, nonetheless, is BBC One's resounding victory over their main rival, ITV1. This is the angle taken by the Daily Mail. Other outlets covering the ratings results include The GuardianThe SunTeleTextCBBC and Digital Spy.

Media round - up

With transmission of the latest new episode of Doctor Who, the Christmas special "The Next Doctor", due tomorrow evening on BBC One, the past few days have, as usual, seen a flurry of coverage of both the episode and the series as a whole across the UK media. As ever, these articles may contain spoilers, so do be warned before clicking on any of the links below.

The Telegraph, always keen to run Doctor Who stories in recent years, claim that David Tennant has backed the idea of Next Doctor co-star David Morrissey succeeding him in the show's lead role. Radio TimesIO9The MirrorThe Daily RecordThe TelegraphTV Scoop and The Quietus all look ahead to "The Next Doctor", with preview features. BBC News have also run a preview on television, available to UK internet users on the BBC YouTube page. The TorrenttFreak website has an article on Australian fans getting ready to download the special online.

The idea that there could possibly be a Doctor Who musical mounted for television or theatre has excited some comment over the past few days, apparently emanating from some off-the-cuff remarks made by David Tennant. The Telegraph picks up on the idea, as does Contact Music.

Russell T Davies is interviewed by Metro, and for BBC local radio. David Tennant, meanwhile, spoke to Heart Radio this morning. Elsewhere, monster actor Paul Kasey has been interviewed by The Stage.

Another News update for you all!

On the next Doctor:
David Morrissey should be next Timelord (Telegraph)

On "The Next Doctor":
Miss Hartigan a Cyber? (The Sun)
The Woman Who Puts The Cybermen In Their Place (io9)
Interview with Velile Tshabalala (TV Scoop)
Another Interview with Velile Tshabalala (The Mirror)
The Christmas Special Discussed (The Quietus)
RTD: Its quite sad to traumatise children (Metro)

On musical Who:
Dr Who - the musical? I can't wait (Telegraph)
Doctor Who the Musical (Scifi)
Tennant considered for musical (The Star)

Mark Gatiss: welcome to the dark corner of comedy (Telegraph)
Daleks and DIY, oh my! (Dollymix)
Doctor Who creator doesn't care for Stargate (Gateworld)
Aussie ‘Doctor Who’ Fans Set to Time Travel With BitTorrent(Torrentfreak)

The Next Doctor

ladies and gentlemen thanks to the bbc here it is Present you the Next doctor for those international viewers for the rest check out the iplayer: 
Enjoy. I found have a better version below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


Unofficial overnight figures show The Next Doctorwas watched by 11.7 million viewers, a share of50.5% of the audience.

The rating is the highest achieved by the programme in 2008 and the second highest since the programme returned in 2005, only being beaten by last years Christmas Special.

The programme was the second highest rated of Christmas day, and of Christmas week so far, beatingEastEnders, even though the soap was shown in a much later slot. The highest rated programme of the day was Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death with a massive 14.3 million watching.

BBC1 ruled the day with the top seven places. The highest rating ITV1 could achieve was 9.1 million for Coronation Street. Against the Doctor, Emmerdale could only manage 4.8 million viewers.

Doctor Who, is now the tenth most watched programme of 2008, although this position could rise when final figures, including those who recorded the programme and watched it later, are released by BARB in about two weeks time.

On BBC3 Doctor Who Confidential had an audience of 0.46 million and Doctor Who: Top 5 Christmas Moments was watched by 0.48 million viewers. Gavin and Stacey: 12 Days of Christmas was the highest rated programme on multi channel television.

The Easter special revealed

Confirmed on tonight's broadcast of "The Next Doctor"... the next Doctor Who special, airing in early 2009, will bePlanet of the Dead starring David Tennant. More details when available.

Advent calendar (Day 25)

Yesterday was a video highlighting donna noble from series 4 which lasted for 90 seconds the video will be posted shortly

Advent Calendar (day 24)

Here is the christmas message from the actress who plays rosita that was in day 2 of the advent calendar:

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Next Doctor Plot synopsis (roughly)

This is written from trailers, printed interviews, photographs, fear factor, etc. Beware that there are a lot of rumours about, I have only taken this from legitimate source material, I have joined a few dots though, but only tiny ones! This may be very wrong, but I think its as close as we can get, the order of things happening is questionable though! I have chosen not to include any exclusive The Sun facts. There is still a lot missing from this, gaps filled on December 25th :)

Warning, consider this a major spoiler, you may want to stop reading now! OK you have been warned, here we go...

The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, to find himself in a snow-covered London on Christmas Eve 1851. He hears someone screaming for the Doctor, but soon learns its not for him. He meets another man also know as the Doctor (played by David Morrissey, known as DM for this post). The Doctor calls himself John Smith again, DM uses the nameJackson Lake.

They meet a Cybershade, they draw their sonic screwdrivers, DMs looks like a regular screwdriver, but is it? The Cybershade jumps away, they appear to be upgraded dogs or more likely, the disappearing children, with copper Cyberman masks, their bodies are a cloak of black rags. They can follow instructions and even drive a horse and carriage. The Doctor is introduced to DMs assistant, Rosita, who like Rose Tyler, has a very good head on her shoulders - she will get them out of a few tricky situations and is a great help.

The Cybermen appear to have come across the rift, in the same wayRose did for the series 4 finale, but as current technology doesn't allow anyone to be upgraded to Cybermen, they have created a sub-species, the Cybershades!

The Doctor uses his stethoscope to learn that DM has two hearts and is a Time Lord, but because of some earlier event, probably not achameleon arch, has forgotten much of his past life and is also out of shape.

With a flashback sequence showing all ten doctorsthe Doctor explainsregeneration and Time Lords to DM. The Doctor suspects DM is a future incarnation of himself, or perhaps the product of an altered timeline? The Doctor realises he has to protect DM, or he may be present at his own future death! Both doctors decide to work together to defeat all things Cyber!

The Cybermen attack them, targeting DM rather than the Doctorthe Doctor fights them off with a sword. The Cybermen don't recognise the Doctor, so are they different Cybermen, or is this another universe? They have the Cybus C on their chests though!

DM shows the Doctor his TARDIS, a hot air balloon (Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style).

The Cybermen seem to stalk a local graveyard, using local legends of haunting to their benefit, they are creating something to be known as the CyberKing. Beneath the graveyard is their lair, a huge Cyber-Victorian engine - all cogs, chains, pipes, furnaces and steam, here they use children as slave labour.

The Cyber-Controller is Miss Mercy Hartigan, the workhouse Matron, who still looks human. But does she have cyber implants (theCybermen can't trust a 100% human surely)? Why does Miss Hartiganattend so many funerals? What does she have that the Cybermen want? And who are the mysterious funeral Directors with cyber earpieces?

The Doctor on meeting Miss Hartigan doesn't realise she is allied to theCybermen, but soon learns otherwise.

The Cybermen take a back seat to the Cybershades, they are busy creating and guarding the CyberKing.

Eventually the huge cyberpunkish spider-like CyberKing is complete, it can climb walls and do all the things Cybermen can't! It captures the Doctors, and is seen dragging them through a warehouse, it is eventually defeated, Miss Hartigan disappears, possibly to appear in another story.

The Doctors hear the TARDIS cloister bell, they have an appointment to keep, we may find out other important material to future episodes too. We are also promised a surprise ending...

Roll end credits, revealing the title of the next story to be shown at easter.

The press screening will have had bits missing, they all say little about the CyberKing for starters! DM is not Doctor eleven (yet), I suspect we don't find out exactly who he is (This is for another story)!

Miss Hartigan as A Cybermen

IT’S beauty and the beast as actress Dervla Kirwan turns into a CYBERMAN in the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The Ballykissangel star, 37, has her eyes blacked out as her character Miss Hartigan helps the Time Lord’s enemies on Christmas Eve 1851.

Doctor Who (David Tennant) and the “other Doctor Who” (David Morrissey) join forces to try to stop the CyberKing in tomorrow’s episode, shown at 6pm.

Earlier this week the sci-fi show’s writer Russell T Davies said he would like to see Catherine Zeta-Jones or Lesley Sharp play a female doctor next.

Davies also confirmed that the doctor would be without a permanent companion next year.

So Miss Hartigan is a Cyberman! This isn't the first time this has happened, cast your mind back to the TorchwoodCyberwoman story, it ends up with a partially converted Cybermans brain put back into a human, but its still aCyberman!

I suppose the question is was she a Cyberman for the entire story, or was the conversion process done part of the way through?

On set of the next doctor

here is the clip with lizo on set of the next doctor:

Advent Calendar (Day 23)

sorry for the late update been very busy with things and unable to update the blog for reasons out of my control
any way yesterdays calendar was a jigsaw which upon completion you had a teaser trailer for the next doctor which can be seen below:

Monday, 22 December 2008

2009 Gap Year specials (Hints)

Russell T davies has given a few hints regarding the 2009 gap year specials:

What everyone's missing is that there will be a new companion," the executive producer told The Times. "We've got a young female companion at Easter, and then a much older woman next Christmas - someone in her fifties or sixties. I love that."

He added: "It's made casting next year's four specials difficult because we're going.

"We don’t want to ruin anyone's chances of being the new [Series 5] companion by casting her for a one-off."

Tennants Condition Update

The RSC has issued a Press Release on the condition of David Tennant. The release says that Tennant is making encouraging progress following his back operation earlier this month. However it is unable to give a date for Tennant's return to the London production of Hamlet. It is still hopped that Tennant will be able to return to the role before the end of the run. Until then Edward Bennett will continue in the role.

David Tennant said "I am very sorry to disappoint anyone who booked to come and see me in Hamlet, but confident that you will be far from disappointed by Edward Bennett's performance in the title role. He is one of British theatre’s most promising talents and an opportunity to see his Hamlet, alongside the brilliant ensemble of actors that I have had the great pleasure of working with all year, is very exciting."

The theatre box office is writing to all ticket holders for performances after 26th December to update them. If desired patrons can exchange their tickets for other productions in the RSC's London season at the Novello, subject to availability, or offer their tickets for resale at the Box Office, although the theatre can't guarantee this will be possible.

Advent Calendar (Day 22)

Today is a podcast teaser for the next doctor. as with previous commentary for each episode, we get Both executive producers julie gardner and Russell t davies who along the way discussing the next doctor they get side tracked and discuss the first easter special:

Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Next doctor news round Up

  • The Times Online has a hilarious interview with RTD
    "It’s proper Victorian. It’s got turkeys, holly, bonnets – and snow at the end, of course. Imagine how lovely it is having David Morrissey and David Tennant together. It’s a dream match.
    They’re two Doctors together, and they become a sort of team. And it’s quite sad in places. I do love a bit of Christmas sadness, and the last ten minutes are outrageous. The Cyber King comes!!! Make sure you put three exclamations marks after that, when you write it. To convey how excited I was when I said it.”

  • The Sun have an article talking about how all ten Doctor's will make an appearence in the Next Doctor.
    “It’s nice for fans to see the old doctors. And it helps kids get their heads round the fact there have been lots of them.”

  • The DailyStar has a review of the episode - with some new lines from the show

  • As does the DailyMail, with "russel revealing secrets"

The next doctor front page

The bbc have updated their page with features of the next doctor including wallpapers, video clips, trailer and sneaks peaks and more to come after transmission of the next doctor

Doctor using the sword

TIME Lord David Tennant tries to fend off an evil Cyberman with a sword in the Doctor Who special on Christmas Day.

The confrontation comes as the Doctor and a fellow Time Lord, played by David Morrissey, 44, join forces to battle the Cyber King in an episode set in 1851 in the BBC1 treat.

Shooting begins next month on four specials, the last in which David plays the hero. His replacement has not been announced.

Last week David, 37, pulled out of his stage role as Hamlet due to a back injury, although he is expected to be well enough to film.

But writer Russell T Davies added: “We’ll have to be very careful with him. I don’t think he will be swinging on a wire on the first day.”

RTD Entertainment chrismtas Picks

Despite being, according to The Guardian, the “fifteenth most important person in the UK media”, Russell T. Davies, OBE, is sitting outside a kebab shop, just off Trafalgar Square in London, at a rather unsteady pavement table.

“Well, you can’t smoke anywhere civilised these days, can you?” Davies says, lighting up the first of approximately 15 cigarettes. He exhales joyfully, and settles back in his chair. “It’s always funny when you go to somewhere like the Ivy,” he continues, “which is supposed to be this wonderfully exclusive . . . enclave of celebrity and power. No riffraff. And then you go outside, and you’ve got Simon Cowell and me and, I don’t know, God, outside on the pavement, shuffling from one foot to the other and smoking. In the pouring rain! HA! HA! HA!”

“Hahahaha! HA! HA! HA!” is Davies’s most-used word. Nine hundred feet tall, with approximately a million teeth, and the energy of an eight-year-old on Christmas Eve, Davies makes Falstaff look like Mr Burns from The Simpsons, in a coma.

t takes this kind of ebullience, of course, to be the man who single-handedly resurrected Doctor Who – taking it from a national joke, in abeyance in some dusty BBC warehouse, to the biggest British TV show of the past 20 years. Man, woman; parent, child; straight, gay; tabloid, broad-sheet – Doctor Who has set a new standard for “across the board appeal”. And, of course, the show – which Davies is now in his final year of writing and executive producing – has become the centrepiece of the Christmas schedules. Last year, 13.3 million people watched Kylie Minogue, dressed as a waitress, die on an intergalactic fork-lift.

“Well I worry if it is the flagship show, this year,” Davies frets, tamping out one cigarette, and lighting another. He gestures to theMirror’s “We Love Telly!” Christmas supplement, which we are using as our guide to the festive schedules.

“Last year, we would have got the cover of that. Look who’s got it now. Harry Hill.” Davies waves a cartoonish fist at Hill’s victorious face. “This is what we sit in the office and discuss. Not who the next Doctor is – but how to get on the cover of the Mirror’s ‘We Love Telly’ Christmas supplement. HA! HA! HA!” But Hill got the cover, I point out, because he is cravenly wearing a Santa hat, and pretending to eat a large Christmas pudding. Of course they put him on the cover – he is the Slag of Christmas Obviousness.

“Well, yes. Can you imagine us asking David Tennant, a man currently playing Hamlet in the West End, to stand there with a Christmas cracker and a party hat, gurning? We kept our dignity – and didn’t get the cover. HA! HA! HA!” Despite his current publicity disappointment, Davies loves Christmas. “Whatever work is like, I always take the full two weeks off, and watch everything. Every single special – racked with guilt and anxiety, of course, about how much work is piling up. But then, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without anxiety and guilt. HA! HA! HA!” So, what will Davies be watching this year?


“Oh look, Doctor Who – how marvellous. And it is marvellous – hooray! Even though I’m working on the next Christmas special now, so it’s all old news to me. It’s proper Victorian. It’s got turkeys, holly, bonnets – and snow at the end, of course. Imagine how lovely it is having David Morrissey and David Tennant together. It’s a dream match.

They’re two Doctors together, and they become a sort of team. And it’s quite sad in places. I do love a bit of Christmas sadness, HA! HA! HA! And the last ten minutes are outrageous. The Cyber King comes!!! Make sure you put three exclamations marks after that, when you write it. To convey how excited I was when I said it.” 
Christmas Day, BBC One, 6pm

Doctor who transmission over christmas

Here are your five (count 'em) new Doctor Who Shows on TV over the Christmas holidays.

The Next Doctor
25th Dec BBC1 6.00pm
01st Jan BBC1 3.50pm
02nd Jan BBC3 7.00pm
Running time 1 hour

The Next Doctor Confidential
25th Dec BBC3 7.00pm
26th Dec BBC3 4.00am
02nd Jan BBC3 8.00pm
03rd Jan BBC3 3.55am
Running time 1 hour

Doctor Who Top 5 Christmas Moments
25th Dec BBC3 8.00pm
Running time 10 minutes

The Doctor Who Proms
01st Jan BBC1 1.50pm
Running time 1 hour

Doctor Who Confidential The Ten Doctors
3rd Jan BBC1 5.35pm
Running Time 35 minutes

Dervla Kirwan Inteview on the Paul O grady show

here is Dervla Kirwan on the Paul o grady show:

tennant and morrisey on the One Show

here is the interview which show jon culshaw interviewing both tennant and morrisey on the one show including preview from the next doctor:

Advent Calander (Day 21)

today is the preview clip from the next doctor:

Miss Hartigan and the Cybermen. From The Next Doctor - 6pm Christmas Day, BBC One.

Advent Calander (day 20)

sorry for the late update but here yesterdays treat behind door number 20

the next doctor guide:

fear factor:

0 min
This looks familiar. "Perhaps XXXXXX is behind the TARDIS," grins Adam.

1 min
The family cheer!

2 min
Harry: "Cool!" Samuel: "How?"

3 min
Amy's suddenly concerned.

4 min
Rosita springs into action. Harry demands an explanation.

5 min
Amy whispers to Dad, "Why doesn't he... ?"

6 min
Harry's delighted with a vision.

8 min
Amy clutches Dad's leg.

9 min
Mum harrumphs significantly. Samuel announces that he is a fish.

10 min
The kids have never seen the sonic screwdriver used like that before.

11 min
Watch and learn. The kids are agog.

13 min
The Doctor recalls the night he regenerated. "It makes sense now!" says Samuel gleefully.

14 min
A sudden appearance alarms Amy. Adam has his doubts.

16 min
Amy feels quite sorry for the Doctor.

17 min
The Lady in Red outrages Samuel.

18 min
Amy's eyes widen in apprehension. Harry groans in dismay.

20 min
Why is Dad talking about his nice cardigan?

23 min
The Doctor reveals his favourite personal technology for the very first time.
26 min
Samuel's initial reaction reveals something about last week.

27 min
Samuel is delighted to see a very familiar face.

29 min
Mum and Dad are horrified.

31 min
Amy feels musical.

34 min
What is the racy nightmare?

35 min
Samuel slaps his forehead. "Why did the Doctor do that?"

36 min
The kids cheer!
38 min
Samuel is impressed.
40 min
What makes Amy wriggle in her seat?
41 min
The kids debate royal nomenclature.
42 min
Samuel whoops. Harry grins.

43 min
Harry's advice to the XXXXXXXX is: "Run!" So why are they slowing down?

45 min
"He's called what?" asks Adam.

46 min
Gasps and cheers. The watching parents are misty-eyed.

47 min
The boys are hugely impressed.

49 min
"It's like XXXXXXXX!" says Samuel. "It's a scary XXXX with XXXXX-XXXXXX!" says Harry.

51 min
Samuel realises something about the Doctor... but which one?

53 min
"Wooaaahh!" gasp the kids.

55 min
"The cloister bell!"

56 min
"This is even better than last year!" decides Adam.

57 min
The Doctors have an appointment to keep.

"Very good show!" declares Harry, and the whole family agree

there is also a new preview clip where we a conversation between the cyber leader and miss hartigan talking about the rise of the cyberking

the clip can be seen here:

Friday, 19 December 2008

2009 specials revealed

Speaking at the press launch heres what rtd had to say

Can you tell us what you planned for Who in 2009? The show will be coming back at Easter, won't it?

Well, that's not 100 percent confirmed. If someone pops up and says they've got a very nice slot after Easter, we might have that instead. But also we don't want to tell ITV what we're doing! It's a bit early too go into too much detail, but I love our first special - it's fun! The Christmas special is very sad at some points, and poignant. So for Easter we're having a romp, a great, big colourful adventure. But beyond that, things will darken as we head into the next adventures, because the Doctor's coming to the end of his life. The poor man's going to be pulled to bits. Exciting stuff!

Advent Calendar (day 19)

Today is a game called JOBSWORTH JUNDOON

The Judoon have impounded the TARDIS! Can you help the Doctor break the security codes around the forcefield holding it and escape?

Fake doctor who goods advert

fFund this on the tube showing how fake who gods can be sold easlily enjoy:

The Next Doctor Hints

With much excitement, I toddled along to the press screening of the much-anticipated Doctor Who Christmas special this morning. There are a million and one questions surrounding 'The Next Doctor' - "is David Morrissey the successor of David Tennant?" being the chief curiosity - but in keeping with the spirit of things I'll leave that one firmly unanswered. Instead I offer you these ten tantalising teasers:

1. The mysterious Cybershades can jump quite high.

2. Neither the Doctor nor the Other Doctor recognise each other. But the latter doesn't remember much anyway.

3. There are two words that the Doctor never refuses.

4. The Other Doctor has a TARDIS - and it's magnificent.

5. For a while Rosita becomes the Doctor's companion (but then you'll know that already if you've read our interview with the lovely Velile Tshabalala).

6. The script includes the customary line "what about the children?"

7. At least one previous incarnation of the Doctor makes an appearance.

8. Miss Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan) is a very special lady.

9. The Other Doctor's fobwatch is a very important clue.

10. "I suppose ** *** ***, **** ***** ** *****."

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Press Launch

The official BBC press launch for the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Next Doctor", was held in London today.

A somewhat lower-key affair than the corresponding events of previous years, the event has nonetheless managed to attract a good deal of media coverage on television, radio, online and in print. Readers are warned that any or all of the following links may contain spoilers for "The Next Doctor".

SFX Magazine have posted a spoiler-free review of the episode, which they describe as "not an out-and-out classic episode, but it is great Christmas entertainment. And it does have a few classic moments." SFX is just back from the preview screening of The Next Doctor. So yes, now we know exactly who the David Morrissey Doctor is, and no, we're not telling you, because that's part of the fun of the episode.
And it is only part of the fun. There's a hell of a lot of fun to be had here. Once again, the Christmas episode is not an out-and-out classic episode, but it is great Christmas entertainment. And it does have a few classic moments.
The odd thing is, for much of its running time, it feels surprisingly small scale, both in terms of its plot ambitions and its imagery. Indeed, it barely feels like a Russell T Davies story for a long while, as there are few of those quirky moments that divide fans (but which the general audience laps up). While it's very funny in places, and has some patented RTD character moments, for a long time this Victorian based story is more "Evil of the Daleks" than "Voyage of the Damned" - it's very trad Who, and quite wordy in places. Nothing wrong with that, but it leaves you wondering where the budget went...
And then it becomes obvious in the last 10 minutes when the episode goes very big and completely bat's arse. It's pure RTD and jawdropping. Jawdroppingly brilliant or jawdroppingly stupid really depends on how much you like New Who. Gotta admit, I loved it unreservedly, but then I unreservedly loved the TARDIS towing the Earth.
Morrissey is great, and there's a lot more to his role than just pastiching the Doctor. The Cybershades are also surprisingly effective - they may look a bit naff in the trailers, but they prove worthy successors to the Cybermats. The Cybermen themselves aren't exactly on top form; they're more like Ciphermen much of the time, and come across a bit stupid. They also seem a lot weaker than usual. What happened to their super strength? And if you've heard that there's an Oliver Twist element involving lots of kids, well, there is, but don't worry - it's more Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom than the Baker Street Kids.
Andy Goddard directs with a lot of style, atmosphere and an eye for striking imagery, though he does seem out of his depth in a couple of the the action scenes which lack a certain oomph. However, a set-piece scene in the graveyard is shot very effectively and the opening encounter with a Cybershade is hilarious. The production design is stunningly good, really bringing to life a snowy, Victorian London and providing some wonderful cyberpunk additions.
So, yeah, there's a lot of lightweight fluff here, and one very cheesy moment, but the Next Doctor mystery provides the emotional core of the episode. Other than that I'm saying no more, as any discussion of it will give away too many clues.
Overall, though, it's enormously entertaining. Even if you don't plan on watching it, tune in for those last 10 minutes. It's something you'll definitely want to have an opinion on.
Oh, and Morrissey's TARDIS is brilliant, plus there‘s a very, very sweet final scene, and a (possible) visual allusion to Earthshock.

OffTheTelly describes how outgoing BBC Controller of Fiction implored journalists "to promise not to tell anyone else what to make of that. The ability of Doctor Who is to ask big questions and keep everybody guessing. Please enter into the spirit of that, and allow everyone to keep asking questions."Thursday 18 December 2008, and a pointedly low key press launch for Doctor Who’s Christmas episode, ‘The Next Doctor’ held at London’s Soho Hotel.
Jane Tranter, the BBC’s outgoing Head of Drama, warned the assembled: “‘The Next Doctor’ - for the next 60 minutes or so, make of that what you like. And I’m absolutely not going to tell you anything. But by the time you’ve got to the end, you’ve got to promise not to tell anyone else what to make of that. The ability of Doctor Who is to ask big questions and keep everybody guessing. Please enter into the spirit of that, and allow everyone to keep asking questions”.
So I will. Although I can’t help but squeal that all the previous TV Doctors get a fleeting cameo. That’s unrelated to the main plot, though.
With Tranter set to move to LA, she reflected on what the Doctor Who team has achieved - and the future.
“We’re coming to the end of an era with the show,” she said. “Or as I like to say, the end of the beginning. The next generation are here: Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger and Ben Stephenson. They will not disappoint you - that much I can absolutely promise. I can’t wait for the fifth series to begin, and neither can they. I can literally feel their feet moving even as they’re sitting here; as they wait, running on the spot, waiting to be unleashed. There are exciting times ahead…”

Gareth McLean, writing for The Guardian, describes the episode as "a lot better than last year – a lot – and not just because David Morrissey is a magnificent actor and a lot easier on the eye than Kylie Minogue. For a start, The Next Doctor is about something. It has a proper story (as opposed to a surfeit of CGI), some lovely sharp lines and self-referential moments that, mostly, aren't self-indulgent." Having rushed to judge last year's Doctor Who Christmas special – and praised what I subsequently thought on second viewing was overblown and a little empty – I realise that you may view any critique of this year's offering with something approaching suspicion. I further realise that drawing attention to my misjudgment, made in the giddy afterglow of a razzy screening, may also lower your opinion of my opinions. Obviously, I'd say that admitting I may have made an error is actually a sign of strength rather than weakness. But then I would say that, wouldn't I?
Enough with the navel-gazing. Let us instead look to the stars and The Next Doctor, in which Davids Tennant and Morrissey battle Evil Dervla Kirwan (in a big red frock) and the Cybermen in snowy Victorian London. Needless to say, this special is a lot better than last year – a lot – and not just because David Morrissey is a magnificent actor and a lot easier on the eye than Kylie Minogue. For a start, The Next Doctor is about something. It has a proper story (as opposed to a surfeit of CGI), some lovely sharp lines and self-referential moments that, mostly, aren't self-indulgent. It also has a mean villainess in Kirwan's chilly Miss Hartigan, and did I mention that David Morrissey is magnificent? Well he is. Seeing him and Tennant together made me want to watch Peter Bowker's brilliant Blackpool all over again.
I would say The Next Doctor is pared down, but it would be difficult for it not to be after the frustratingly busy finale of the last series, which featured Rose, Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Mickey and Jackie (and is surely available in a special And the Kitchen Sink box set). Indeed, the restraint of The Next Doctor – I realise that restraint isn't really a word you'd readily associate with the big, bold visions of Russell T Davies, so let me remind you that context is everything – could perhaps be a sign of things to come in 2009. Davies has said that in the next special the Doctor will be without a companion and without the Tardis – though how David Tennant's back injury will affect filming, which is supposed to begin next month, is anyone's guess.
Of course, The Next Doctor has flaws. Davies is expert in pushing emotional buttons and does so ruthlessly, which can get a little wearing. There are some extraordinarily sentimental moments, far too many urchins, holes in the plot plugged with lumps of expositional dialogue and then there's the overpowering music which, lest you're unsure, tells you precisely What To Feel and When. Furthermore, as baddies go, I'm not terribly fond of the Cybermen. I know they predate the Borg but as hive-mind villains go, Star Trek's are more terrifying, not least because they're uglier. That said, the sculptural Cybermen knock Voyage of the Damned's Max Capricorn into a cocked hat and global domination certainly beats insurance fraud as an evil raison d'etre. Meanwhile, those familiar with Buffy may be reminded of the climax of season six. (Make of the Hartigan/Hannigan interface what you will).
Those reservations notwithstanding, The Next Doctor is the best Doctor Who Christmas special yet, or is at the least on a par with The Christmas Invasion. It doesn't have the emotional scope of the Doctor and Rose's farewell in Doomsday but it's moving, funny, impressive and has a big, beating heart. Possibly two, in fact.

Michael Deacon in The Telegraph says the episode is "a blizzard of action... Much of the plot is devoted to the relationship – at times amusing, at times poignant – between these two Doctors, as we begin to learn the life story of Morrissey’s character."Ever since it was revealed that David Morrissey would co-star in the forthcoming Christmas special, bookmakers have made him favourite. The Christmas episode is, after all, subtitled The Next Doctor, and in it, we were told, Morrissey would be playing another Doctor.
Well, at a press screening yesterday, I saw the episode. And the answer is… Naturally I shan’t spoil it by telling you. But I can say this: Morrissey gives a performance that befits a Doctor. He goes about it quite differently from Tennant: he does much less of the boyish gaping and mugging and raised eyebrows. He’s solid, sturdy, serious but with a soft side. And a voice oddly reminiscent of the prison warden Mr Mackay from the Seventies sitcom Porridge: it’s a rich, full-throated bark.
The episode itself is a blizzard of action. It’s set in London on Christmas Eve, 1851. Doctor Who (David Tennant) materialises in a snow-bound market – only to bump into another Doctor Who (David Morrissey). Much of the plot is devoted to the relationship – at times amusing, at times poignant – between these two Doctors, as we begin to learn the life story of Morrissey’s character.
But the pair have something more pressing to deal with: the arrival of the Doctor’s old foes, the Cybermen, led by the sinister Miss Hartigan (played icily, but with a touch of camp, by Dervla Kirwan).
The first half is festooned with comic moments – look out for an amusing scene featuring a Sonic Screwdriver. From half way through the pace accelerates, as the Cybermen’s plans become clear.
But although there are some unnerving computer-generated graphics, the action remains family-friendly – younger viewers shouldn’t have nightmares.
Viewers who have previously considered Doctor Who over-hyped (this reporter among them) may find themselves thawing. The episode is witty, compelling, and, perhaps most importantly, does not feature Catherine Tate and her ceaseless squawking.
Tennant himself gives perhaps his most energetic performance in the role to date. Whether or not Morrissey is the next Time Lord, it’s clear that Tennant will be a hard act to follow.

Writer Russell T Davies appeared in the last half-hour of BBC Radio 5 Live's Victoria Derbyshire programme to discuss the special, and also popped up on television on the BBC News channel's coverage of the press launch