Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Is it cyber king or Cyberleader

Up to now, fans have had the assumption that the much talked about Cyberman leader in The Next Doctor, is called the Cyberking, and is nothing more then the Cyberleader with a different helmet paintjob, but is the Cyberking something new and different?

We know something called the Cyberking exists, its talked about in the Christmas Radio Times ...But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing? But are we assuming this Cyberking is the Cyberleader, why not call the Cyberleader the Cyberleader?

Today this was released, the Doctor Who 2009 Cyber Leader Voice Changer Helmet. They are not calling it the Cyberking, why not? Perhaps because its not the Cyberking? He is also called the Cyberleader here.Is the Cyberking a well kept secret? Have the Cybermen created a Cyber-equivalent to the Dalek Emperor? Its not long until we find out!

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Anonymous said...

The Cyber King is indeed quite different to the other Cybermen. Apparently, he is physically much larger too.

On the BBC Dr Who website (and on Youtube) the clip of the mysterious and sinister Miss Hartigan talking to the Cyber Leader (black communication head bars and black face shield) discuss plans for the rise of the Cyber King who is obviously a new and different entity to the Cyber Leader.