Friday, 26 December 2008

Media round - up

With transmission of the latest new episode of Doctor Who, the Christmas special "The Next Doctor", due tomorrow evening on BBC One, the past few days have, as usual, seen a flurry of coverage of both the episode and the series as a whole across the UK media. As ever, these articles may contain spoilers, so do be warned before clicking on any of the links below.

The Telegraph, always keen to run Doctor Who stories in recent years, claim that David Tennant has backed the idea of Next Doctor co-star David Morrissey succeeding him in the show's lead role. Radio TimesIO9The MirrorThe Daily RecordThe TelegraphTV Scoop and The Quietus all look ahead to "The Next Doctor", with preview features. BBC News have also run a preview on television, available to UK internet users on the BBC YouTube page. The TorrenttFreak website has an article on Australian fans getting ready to download the special online.

The idea that there could possibly be a Doctor Who musical mounted for television or theatre has excited some comment over the past few days, apparently emanating from some off-the-cuff remarks made by David Tennant. The Telegraph picks up on the idea, as does Contact Music.

Russell T Davies is interviewed by Metro, and for BBC local radio. David Tennant, meanwhile, spoke to Heart Radio this morning. Elsewhere, monster actor Paul Kasey has been interviewed by The Stage.

Another News update for you all!

On the next Doctor:
David Morrissey should be next Timelord (Telegraph)

On "The Next Doctor":
Miss Hartigan a Cyber? (The Sun)
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Interview with Velile Tshabalala (TV Scoop)
Another Interview with Velile Tshabalala (The Mirror)
The Christmas Special Discussed (The Quietus)
RTD: Its quite sad to traumatise children (Metro)

On musical Who:
Dr Who - the musical? I can't wait (Telegraph)
Doctor Who the Musical (Scifi)
Tennant considered for musical (The Star)

Mark Gatiss: welcome to the dark corner of comedy (Telegraph)
Daleks and DIY, oh my! (Dollymix)
Doctor Who creator doesn't care for Stargate (Gateworld)
Aussie ‘Doctor Who’ Fans Set to Time Travel With BitTorrent(Torrentfreak)

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