Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Miss Hartigan as A Cybermen

IT’S beauty and the beast as actress Dervla Kirwan turns into a CYBERMAN in the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The Ballykissangel star, 37, has her eyes blacked out as her character Miss Hartigan helps the Time Lord’s enemies on Christmas Eve 1851.

Doctor Who (David Tennant) and the “other Doctor Who” (David Morrissey) join forces to try to stop the CyberKing in tomorrow’s episode, shown at 6pm.

Earlier this week the sci-fi show’s writer Russell T Davies said he would like to see Catherine Zeta-Jones or Lesley Sharp play a female doctor next.

Davies also confirmed that the doctor would be without a permanent companion next year.

So Miss Hartigan is a Cyberman! This isn't the first time this has happened, cast your mind back to the TorchwoodCyberwoman story, it ends up with a partially converted Cybermans brain put back into a human, but its still aCyberman!

I suppose the question is was she a Cyberman for the entire story, or was the conversion process done part of the way through?

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