Sunday, 14 December 2008

Cybershade mystery revealed (well sort of)

On Christmas Day in The Next Doctor we meet the Cybershades, but what do we know about them?

It seems the Cybus Cybermen, last seen in Doomsday, have found their way to Victorian London, but because of the limitations of current technology, the Cybermen cannot upgrade humans in the usual way, so they seem to have created a sub-species - the Cybershade!

Going back to the filming of The Next Doctor, forum rumours first referred to them as Cyber Mutts (this seems to have come about because they where seen walking on all fours)

Shortly afterwards they where being referred to as Cyber Mutants(another forum rumour name).

Then they where refered to as Cyberwraiths, this was the name they where called during filming by the staff.

Now we know them as their true name, Cybershades!

They have cyber style masks, that appear to be made from copper, their bodies are covered with a cloak made from black rags, although probably stronger than humans, I suspect they would be poor in combat (compared to Cybermen).

Miss Hartigan is the new cyber-controller, and we have the Cyberkingto meet, who seems to be a new kind of cyberleader!

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