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The Next Doctor Plot synopsis (roughly)

This is written from trailers, printed interviews, photographs, fear factor, etc. Beware that there are a lot of rumours about, I have only taken this from legitimate source material, I have joined a few dots though, but only tiny ones! This may be very wrong, but I think its as close as we can get, the order of things happening is questionable though! I have chosen not to include any exclusive The Sun facts. There is still a lot missing from this, gaps filled on December 25th :)

Warning, consider this a major spoiler, you may want to stop reading now! OK you have been warned, here we go...

The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, to find himself in a snow-covered London on Christmas Eve 1851. He hears someone screaming for the Doctor, but soon learns its not for him. He meets another man also know as the Doctor (played by David Morrissey, known as DM for this post). The Doctor calls himself John Smith again, DM uses the nameJackson Lake.

They meet a Cybershade, they draw their sonic screwdrivers, DMs looks like a regular screwdriver, but is it? The Cybershade jumps away, they appear to be upgraded dogs or more likely, the disappearing children, with copper Cyberman masks, their bodies are a cloak of black rags. They can follow instructions and even drive a horse and carriage. The Doctor is introduced to DMs assistant, Rosita, who like Rose Tyler, has a very good head on her shoulders - she will get them out of a few tricky situations and is a great help.

The Cybermen appear to have come across the rift, in the same wayRose did for the series 4 finale, but as current technology doesn't allow anyone to be upgraded to Cybermen, they have created a sub-species, the Cybershades!

The Doctor uses his stethoscope to learn that DM has two hearts and is a Time Lord, but because of some earlier event, probably not achameleon arch, has forgotten much of his past life and is also out of shape.

With a flashback sequence showing all ten doctorsthe Doctor explainsregeneration and Time Lords to DM. The Doctor suspects DM is a future incarnation of himself, or perhaps the product of an altered timeline? The Doctor realises he has to protect DM, or he may be present at his own future death! Both doctors decide to work together to defeat all things Cyber!

The Cybermen attack them, targeting DM rather than the Doctorthe Doctor fights them off with a sword. The Cybermen don't recognise the Doctor, so are they different Cybermen, or is this another universe? They have the Cybus C on their chests though!

DM shows the Doctor his TARDIS, a hot air balloon (Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style).

The Cybermen seem to stalk a local graveyard, using local legends of haunting to their benefit, they are creating something to be known as the CyberKing. Beneath the graveyard is their lair, a huge Cyber-Victorian engine - all cogs, chains, pipes, furnaces and steam, here they use children as slave labour.

The Cyber-Controller is Miss Mercy Hartigan, the workhouse Matron, who still looks human. But does she have cyber implants (theCybermen can't trust a 100% human surely)? Why does Miss Hartiganattend so many funerals? What does she have that the Cybermen want? And who are the mysterious funeral Directors with cyber earpieces?

The Doctor on meeting Miss Hartigan doesn't realise she is allied to theCybermen, but soon learns otherwise.

The Cybermen take a back seat to the Cybershades, they are busy creating and guarding the CyberKing.

Eventually the huge cyberpunkish spider-like CyberKing is complete, it can climb walls and do all the things Cybermen can't! It captures the Doctors, and is seen dragging them through a warehouse, it is eventually defeated, Miss Hartigan disappears, possibly to appear in another story.

The Doctors hear the TARDIS cloister bell, they have an appointment to keep, we may find out other important material to future episodes too. We are also promised a surprise ending...

Roll end credits, revealing the title of the next story to be shown at easter.

The press screening will have had bits missing, they all say little about the CyberKing for starters! DM is not Doctor eleven (yet), I suspect we don't find out exactly who he is (This is for another story)!

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