Friday, 19 December 2008

2009 specials revealed

Speaking at the press launch heres what rtd had to say

Can you tell us what you planned for Who in 2009? The show will be coming back at Easter, won't it?

Well, that's not 100 percent confirmed. If someone pops up and says they've got a very nice slot after Easter, we might have that instead. But also we don't want to tell ITV what we're doing! It's a bit early too go into too much detail, but I love our first special - it's fun! The Christmas special is very sad at some points, and poignant. So for Easter we're having a romp, a great, big colourful adventure. But beyond that, things will darken as we head into the next adventures, because the Doctor's coming to the end of his life. The poor man's going to be pulled to bits. Exciting stuff!

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