Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Steve Coogan wants to do a Who Spoof

COMIC Steve Coogan is launching a Doctor Who-style sci-fi series with the BBC.
The Alan Partridge star is producing Brave Young Men, a time-travelling saga billed as a light-hearted version of US classic Quantum Leap.
BAFTA-nominated Tom Basden stars as a school caretaker who tries to prevent disasters with the help of a civil servant from the future.
An insider said: “The show owes a big debt to Doctor Who — though it’s drastically different — and Torchwood.”
Owen Malloy, played by Tom, becomes Caretaker of the World. The first episode focuses on a new beer. But messages from the future reveal it will contain a virus that could wipe out humanity.
DOCTOR Who’s David Tennant has pulled out of Hamlet with a back injury. He missed yesterday’s press night in the West End.

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