Friday, 26 December 2008

Watch and download the Next Doctor for Free

If you are outside the UK, you are probably having problems viewing The Next Doctor.

You can watch the full version here (zshare).

And its here too (supernovatube).

And another one here (ninjavideo).

And two more here and here (veoh) You need to join to watch >5 minutes, but it is free!

Or you can download it here (gigasize).

And here (rapidshare).

And here (uploadline).

And here (megashares).

And here (megaupload) PW: jab007

Its on lots or Torrents for download here.

Its also for download on Usenet, along with Confidential and the Top 5 Christmas Moments, but you will need an account!

Its on YouTube, but the audio is out of sync with the pictures, and part six is missing :(

And its here on iPlayer for UK viewers too :)

The above are all free sites (Usenet may require a subscription), I have never paid to leech or watch anything online, there are enough free places if you look, searching is cheaper than paying, and as reliable!

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