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2 Videos from Filming at Tredegar House 30/03/09

Tredegar House Filming Report

Here are three more photographs from todays filming, it was all indoors, David Tennant was there but they sneaked him in, so no photographs :( You can see Bernard Cribbins, Euros Lyn, and a matress :)

Thanx to Scooty for sharing these great photographs, 

More Tredegar House Filming 31/03/09

Two New BBC Promotional Images Of Planet of the Dead

DW BBC Website error

There seems to be an error on the official Doctor Who Site, if you look at the Doctors Daughter page you get the image on the left, the Busted is probably referring to the damaged bus!

You can see it here (until its corrected), or is the error part of a contest of some kind perhaps?

Tredegar House filming 31.03.09

Tredegar House Filming Report 30/03/09

Heres another collection of photographs from filming at Tredegar House today, this time you can see David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins, is he who Russell T Davies was referring to when he said the Doctor was travelling with an older person?

Special thanx to Scooty for these, his photostream is here, with more photographs!

The riot cops in picture 8 have their faces covered under their visors, so perhaps they are not human?


Planet of the Dead Promotional Activities

Promotions for Planet of the Dead include;

- David Tennant is guest presenter on BBC Radio 2s the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday 11th April at 10am.
- Michelle Ryan is a guest on BBC1s Blue Peter on Wednesday 8th April at 4.35 pm.

The Easter Radio Times has David Tennant and Michelle Ryan on the Doctor Who cover, which means lots of photographs and a good article inside! I will have scans, probably on 7th April!


More Tredegar House Filming 30.03.09

Monday, 30 March 2009

DWM 407

Tredegar-house-filming- Report

Today is the first day of filming the last two episodes for this years specials, these where taken at Tredegar House in Newport, and although there are no photographs of him yet, Bernard Cribbins was seen on set! It appears they are acting around a CGI enemy, Toclafane perhaps? (My guess!)

Thanx go to Dougggie for sharing these great photographs!



Planet of the Dead Trailer this wednesday

The first trailer for Planet of the Dead will air on BBC One this coming Wednesday, just before this week’s episode of The Apprentice at 9pm.

The trailer will be our first official glimpse of the special, which is due to transmit on BBC One and BBC HD over Easter Weekend (exact airtime TBA). The episode sees a London bus take a detour to a mysterious alien world, where the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina to fight the planet’s terrifying secrets. And time is running out. The deadly Swarm are getting closer…

Don’t forget - Wednesday 1st April, 9pm, BBC One (or tune in at 8.55pm to be on the safe side… or even 8.45!

Lizo Mzimba on Twitter is claiming the Planet Of The Dead trailer premieres on BBC1 just before The Appertice at 9pm (so 8.55+) on Wednesday.

There is a chance this is rubbish of course (I'd have expected to see it at 7pm-ish TBH), if so that account will be declared fake and is added to my ignore list!

If this is true, I will of course be putting it online shortly after!


Good Friday to transmit Planet of the dead (preview only)

IN A major coup Theatr Hafren will be airing an exclusive preview and premiere of the latest Dr Who special.

Theatr Hafren has been chosen as one of only three venues in the country to screen the eagerly anticipated Dr Who Easter special – Planet of the Dead.

Those lucky enough to get tickets will be able to see the episode on Good Friday, April 10, before it is aired nationally on Sunday, April 12.

Planet of the Dead, part of which was filmed in Dubai, will feature David Tennant in his role as the Doctor, former EastEnders star Michelle Ryan as the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza, and comedian Lee Evans playing a character called Malcolm.

Theatr Hafren director, Sara Clutton, said: "We are absolutely delighted, it is something free for our customers and we are delighted to be able to open our doors and put on something different.

"It just builds on the success we had at the Here for You roadshow two years ago."

Anyone who would like to attend the exclusive screening should contact the ticket line on 0330 3330560

If you can get to Theatr Halren in Newtown (UK), you have a chance to see a Good Friday screening of Planet of the Dead, click on the link below if your interested.

Billy Sastard tells me the other locations for the Good Friday showings are Denby and Newport, cheers! Any links to press reports about these would be appreciated!

Plus this report is claiming an Easter Sunday transmission, more confusion? Or do they know something?


Sunday, 29 March 2009

Listen to the Story of DW

BBC Wales presents a talk on the making of Doctor Who featuring key crew members, including Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. Its on IPlayer, so don't wait forever to play it!

bbc.co.uk/radio7 or iplayer

Harewood to Appear in The Gap yr. Specials

Yesterday dinnertime, David Harewood revealed his next project was filming for Doctor Who, while being interviewed on BBC Radio 2s Jonathan Ross. So he has to be in one of the three 2009 Christmas episodes!

Its on the iplayer or bbc.co.uk/radio2 listen again

Planet of the Dead TX Transmission yet to be Announced

The Radio Times has Saturday 11th April announced, but there are still gaps, for Doctor Who;

5.55-6.25 TBA
6.25-7.25 TBA (Doctor Who fits in here nicely)
7.25-8.10 Robin Hood
8.10-9.00 The National Lottery
9.00-9.50 Casualty

Now it looks like the BBC are deliberately being awkward regarding announcing Doctor Who, or perhaps the post production is very tight and they are still unsure if it will be ready!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Barrowman to release Second Autobiography

This Autumn will see the release of John Barrowman’s second autobiography, it has been confirmed.

Publisher Michael O’Mara Books will be releasing the book, which is called I Am What I Am, later this year, and like his first autobiography, Anything Goes, which was released last year, John will be writing the second volume with his sister, Carole E. Barrowman.

The book will be released on 1st October 2009, and will offer fans with a more “in-depth exploration of John - his thoughts, opinions and experiences” and will “focus on his achievements over the past couple of years”.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with John and Carole Barrowman again,” said Kate Gribble, commissioning editor. “I Am What I Am promises to be just as entertaining, heartfelt and revelatory as Anything Goes - if not more so - and John’s many fans can look forward to a very funny, very honest and very intimate treat.”

Images From The DW production Team Interview

DW Production Team Interview

Doctor Who fans, including many local children, attended a special face to face question and answer session with members of the Doctor Who production team on the opening night of the three-day Celtic Media Festival in Caernarfon.
The 30th Celtic Media Festival brought together film and TV from the Celtic nations and also revealed a few tricks of the trade from behind the scenes of the hit TV show. Unfortunately, Executive Producer and lead writer Russell T Davies could not attend as scheduled due to his demanding workload, which includes the start of filming on another of the four specials which will end when the present Doctor, David Tennant, regenerates into Matt Smith.

The question and answer session started after a short welcome and introduction from the panel consisting of Julie Gardner (Executive Producer), Euros Lyn (Director), Edward Thomas (Production Designer), Ian Grutchfield (Brand Manager) and Barnaby Edwards (Dalek Operator).

Following questions submitted by fans through the Doctor Who website, the audience then had their opportunity to quiz the panel. This led to an array of amusing anecdotes, interesting production facts, memories of past experiences and glimpses of what we can expect to see in the future.

Among the interesting facts and trivia was a story from designer Edward Thomas who explained why the TARDIS is a police box. Apparently when the original series was in production the designer was told to "go into the props department and look for something commonplace in which to disguise the TARDIS ". He soon returned with the familiar police box, which was more of a common sight on the streets of Britain at the time.

As well as this exclusive question and answer session with members of the production team, the children also had a further taste the Doctor Who experience by meeting Daleks and Cybermen, as well as experimenting with several Doctor Who applications on one of the four laptops provided by the BBC.

The Easter special is already completed and the audience was also treated to a brief montage of scenes which definitely whetted the appetite, but gave nothing away apart from the fact it involves a bus, sand, and lots of running.

The Doctor Who event was recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 7 this Saturday night at midnight (and will be available afterwards as a podcast via the Doctor Who website).

The Story Of DW

here is a chance to hear how Doctor Who is made, when BBC Radio 7 broadcasts a question and answer session with some of the production team this weekend.

The panel features current Executive Producer Julie Gardner, Director Euros Lyn, Production designer Edward Thomas, Brand manager Ian Grutchfield and Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards. They were recorded at the recent Celtic Media Festival held in Caernarfon in North Wales. Russell T Davies was due to attend but was forced to cancel because of his workload. Filming starts Monday for the next in the series of the four specials concluding the tenure of David Tennant as the tenth Doctor.

Questions ranged from why Doctor Who was not available in Lego to whether Matt Smith would cut his fringe before taking over from David Tennant as the Doctor and why the TARDIS is disguised as a police box.

The transmission is at 0000GMT on Sunday morning and is scheduled in a one hour slot. Radio 7 can be heard on digital platforms in the UK and around the world on the listen live facility. Following transmission the broadcast will be available as a podcast on the BBC Website.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Tx Transmission of Planet of the Dead News Round-Up

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that the Doctor Who special Planet of the Dead will air during the week beginning 11th April. Although the series is listed as "unplaced" in the main press release, it also briefly appeared on the page for Saturday's programmes. Final airdate and time slot will be confirmed when the listings are sent to magazines at the end of next week.Planet of the Dead features David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm.

It is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts. The BBC gives the following description for the special:

When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina, in this one-off seasonal special. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand. And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.Planet Of The Dead features David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm and is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts.

We where all sure of news today, but still all we know is the Doctor Who Easter Special Planet Of The Dead will be broadcast sometime over the Easter Holiday - the date and time is still to be confirmed by BBC1! Which means the Easter Sunday reports could well be guesses, and my educated guess of Saturday 11th of April at 7pm may still be correct.

Saturday is Doctor Who day, not Sunday!Heres what the BBC said about the show earlier;When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina, in this one-off seasonal special. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand.

And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.Planet Of The Dead features David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm. It is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts.

I'm still routing for my original guess for a transmission time/date :) I still think the first Planet Of The Dead trailer will be on this Saturday too!

The BBC Press Office was today updated with scheduling information for Easter weekend, strongly pointing towards either an Easter Saturday, April 11th, or Easter Sunday, April 12th, transmission date for Planet of the Dead.

Although an exact airtime hasn’t been announced yet, the website has released the official synopsis for the episode, which stars David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm.

The episode is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts.

(note that the bbc has taken of the orgianl date of Aprill 11th to revise its schedule)

DW Fans Asks the Production team

Fans of Doctor Who, armed with questions ranging from hair length to toy spin-offs, have gone face to face with the hit TV show's production team.
A few behind-the-scenes tricks were revealed at the packed event on the opening night of the three-day Celtic Media Festival in Caernarfon.
The 30th festival brings together film and TV from the Celtic nations.
The Doctor Who panel included executive producer Julie Gardner and designer Edward Thomas.
Outgoing executive producer and lead writer Russell T Davies was forced to cancel because of his workload, as filming starts on Monday for another of the four specials he is working on before he leaves.

The two-part show will see the present Doctor, David Tenant, regenerate into Matt Smith.
After a short introduction questions were invited from the audience.

Those ranged from why Doctor Who was not available in Lego - the series needs to be bigger in America apparently - to whether the new Doctor would cut his fringe before taking over from David Tennant (the diplomatic answer to this one was "your comment will be passed on").
Casting Matt Smith as the new doctor was the "easiest" decision because of his "other worldly" qualities according to the team.

His assistant looks set to remain firmly from the 21st Century however, as Julie Gardner explained why the Doctor never had an assistant from another place in time.

She explained the team had decided the assistant needed to "root"' the doctor and be a credible link between him and the audience.
There were snippets of trivia too - such as the story behind why the Tardis was a police box.
According to designer Edward Thomas when the original Dr Who series was being put together in the 1960s the designer was told to "go into the props department and look for something commonplace in which to disguise the Tardis".
He returned with a police box, which was a common sight on the streets of Britain at the time, and as they say... the rest is history.
Modern advances in technology now allow viewers a glimpse into the Tardis when the Doctor opens the door.

This is achieved by printing various images from the Tardis set and lighting them from behind giving the impression of 'depth' when the door is opened, Mr Thomas explained.
There was also an insight into the challenges facing a production designer.

Mr Thomas recalled an incident when the script demanded a plethora of aliens and props, "by page five I'd spent the budget, and then I turned over and I saw it needed a space ship in a field... there was no way it could be done".

A worried Mr Thomas then had to tell Russell T Davies about the problem, only to be told: "Don't worry, the spaceship can be invisible!"

The Easter special is already completed and the audience was treated to a brief montage of scenes which definitely whetted the appetite, but yet gave nothing away.
Suffice to say it involved a bus, sand, and lots of running


Restoration Team forum to close

The Doctor Who Restoration Team have announced the closure of their Technical Forum by 1st April 2009.The forum has been running for ten years and provided a base for discussion of technical issues related to the restoration of classic Doctor Who episodes for video and DVD release.

In a statement Steve Roberts, who runs the site and is a leading member of the restoration team, cited a number of reasons for the closure.

These include incompatibility between the site's original aim of openness and access to the production process and the requirements of operating in a commercial world as well as an increase in the amount of personal abuse in forum postings.

The main Restoration Team site, which features articles on the work undertaken on new DVD releases, will continue as normal

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Transmission (TX) Date for Planet of the Dead

Doctor Who – Planet Of The Dead
Easter Saturday 11 April
Time to be confirmed BBC ONE


When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina, in this one-off seasonal special. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand.

And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.
Planet Of The Dead features David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm and is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts.

So as it Stands April 11 Easter Saturday with time to be confirmed

Happy Birthday DW

New Doctor Who is four years old today!

Rose screened exactly four years ago to a great reception and all has been good ever since, with two spin-offs already, plus Totally Doctor Who, Doctor Who Confidential, and the forthcoming K9 series!

Thanx go to Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner for making the series something unmissable!To the future!


DW Gap Yr Specials news Update

The Sun has published new photos from the first special, Planet of the Dead. These include Malcolm, played by Lee Evans, in an article which also reveals details about a character appearing in another special.

The first photo of the aliens featuring in Planet of the Dead, the Tritovore, also appeared in The Sun today, although the newspaper isn't quite sure yet how their name should be spelt.

The Sun believes Planet of the Dead is scheduled to be broadcast on Easter Sunday, 12th April, although there has be no official confirmation of the transmission date from the BBC as yet.

The Daily Express also speculates that Tom Baker is in discussions regarding a future cameo appearance in the series alongside Matt Smith.

Please note, links contains spoilers

Baker to Appear In Series 5

Tom Baker will make a comeback in the fifth series of Doctor Who, The Daily Express has claimed.

According to the report, the actor, who played the fourth incarnation of the Time Lord from 1974-1981, could appear in a future episode alongside new Doctor, Matt Smith.
“As it’s Doctor Who, his return all these years on could be explained in all manner of ways,” a BBC mole told the newspaper.

Take with a pinch of salt for now!


The Roundhouse in London is to present The Radiophonic Workshop Live a get together of Peter Howell, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb, Dick Mills and Mark Ayres to explore the work of the BBC's Radiophonic workshop. The event, which takes place on 17th May at 7pm, combines live performance and multimedia projections. Tickets are available from the Roundhouse Website.

Former companion Lalla Ward, who played Romana alongside the fourth Doctor, has an exhibition of art inspired by the wildlife of Galapagos, at Chris Beetles Gallery, London, running until 28th March. Pictures will be auctioned in aid of the Durrell Conservation Trust. Ward's husband, Richard Dawkins, has offered to place bids via a special email address listed on his website. The exhibition has been previewed in The Independent.

Former Jon Pertwee companion, Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant, is appearing in a one woman show called Me & Jezebel. The play is based on the true story of when Bette Davis invited herself to stay for a night in the New-England house of writer Elizabeth Fuller and didn’t leave for a month. Manning plays all the parts including Davis herself as well as the reluctant hostess, na├»ve, star-struck Elizabeth; her frustrated, deep-voiced husband John; the thumb-sucking, impressionable four-year-old son Christopher; the grandmother Ol' Ma; the Dolly Parton like singing evangelist Grace and even the family dog. The play is currently on tour around the UK before playing at the New End Theatre in North London, from 14 April to May 2.

The address to BAFTA by show runner Russell T Davies is now available on the BAFTA Website. In the talk Davies discusses his origins in children's programmes, his thoughts about the audience and his hopes and fears for kids' output in the future.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

DW Finale specualtion

is pure speculation on my part, and probably won't happen, but...We all know the Doctor goes to meet the author of A Journal Of Impossible Things.

The assumption being its a print version of his dream diary from Family of Blood, it does have a fob watch on the cover even!What if this publication has people all over the world opening any fob watch they have around, just in case?

What if there are a lot of Time Lords hiding on Earth and this brings loads back, and many of them are people the Doctor has met since season one?It would be a good way of rounding everything off thats for sure!

Thoughts anyone?


Are the Triovore Cybernetic

HERE’S the first glimpse of Doctor Who’s deadly new villains — the Trivatores.
The half-fly, half-man alien nasties will appear with funnyman Lee Evans and former EastEnders beauty Michelle Ryan in the new Easter special The Planet Of The Dead.

TV Biz hears the new baddies will be among the most lethal yet, as they’re made from the same mould as the dreaded Daleks and psychotic Cybermen.
Our source said: “The Tritovore will rank up there with the Cybermen and Daleks because they’re cybernetic villains.

The Sun have a report about Planet Of The Dead and claim The Trotovore will rank up there with the Cybermen and Daleks because they’re cybernetic villains.

They certainly don't look artificial, but could they be created rather then born or hatched? And what created them? There are supposed to be two alien races in Planet Of The Dead, so did the other race create them? Are they made from the dead of the other race?


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

New Soundtrack recorded for Planet of the Dead

This week, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales are recording the new Doctor Who soundtrack at the BBC Hoddinott Hall in Cardiff.

The music will be heard for the first time in Planet of the Dead, which airs in a few weeks, and new scores are also being recorded for the remaining 3 special episodes.

“We are thrilled that the orchestra records the soundtrack for this special programme and is associated with the BBC Wales series,” said David Murray, director of the orchestra. “The opportunity to perform a different style of music helps to showcase the diversity of the orchestra.”

It’s also the first time the Doctor Who soundtrack will have been recorded at the Hoddinott Hall, which offers new and exciting recording and performing facilities which are set to improve the quality of the music in the series.

This news has also sparked speculation that a new arrangement of the theme tune is being planned for the special episode

Planet of the Dead to Air on Easter Sunday (presumably)

April 12 will have the biggest Easter Egg of them all - the "200th" Doctor Who story, Planet of the Dead.

The listings magazine for Sky customers, Sky Mag, is reporting that the first of this year's Doctor Who specials will be screened on Easter Sunday - April 12.

No specific time has been detailed but the BBC have scheduled Planet of the Dead for Week 15, which takes in April 11-17. Airing the special on the Sunday will ease the potential headache for schedulers as the Saturday night of April 11 will see BBC1's Robin Hood squaring off against ITV1's Primeval.

A trailer for the special was screened in the Millenium Stadium during the half time of the recent Six Nations Rugby game which would indicate that it will hit our screens this weekend, possibly after (or before) the Robin Hood series opener.

Planet of the Dead will also be screened on BBC HD, a first for Doctor Who, and stars Lee Evans (The Fifth Element) with Michelle Ryan (The Bionic Woman). The DVD already has a release date of May 11.

Den of Geek reports Planet of the Dead is to be transmitted on Easter Sunday, which throws my prediction of Saturday out by 24hours! This means Doctor Who isn't going up against Primeval, and Robin Hood doesn't need to move up!

The BBCs Easter Egg to us will officially be the 200th story! There is no transmission time as of yet, but you can bet its on around 7pm :) It will be the first Doctor Who story to be transmitted in HD!

The first of this year’s Doctor Who specials, Planet of the Dead, will air on Easter Sunday, according to Sky’s listings magazine.

Sky Mag has put the episode’s transmission date down as being April 12th 2009, meaning that the episode will air on the Sunday rather than the Saturday.

A preview of the episode, which is the first in the show’s history to be filmed in HD, was shown at the Millenium Stadium during the recent Six Nations Rugby match. It’s believed that the same trailer will debut on our screens this weekend - either before or after the first episode of the new series of Robin Hood.

Please bear in mind that although this broadcast date is likely, it’s still yet to be finalised by the BBC


Baker anecdote family sought

The Lancashire Evening Post reports that writer Simon Farquhar is looking for the family at the centre of one of Fourth Doctor Tom Baker's most famous tales about his time in Doctor Who.

In his 1997 autobiography and elsewhere, Baker has related how he was so concerned about the possible effect on children of the 1976 serial The Deadly Assassin that while travelling home from a publicity event in the town of Blackpool, he stopped off in the town of Preston to find somewhere he could watch the episode. Seeing some children's bikes in the garden of a house, he knocked on their door, asked if they were Doctor Who viewers and was invited in to watch the programme with the children.

Now Farquhar is reportedly researching the incident for a BBC drama about it, provisionally titled Teatime with Tom Baker. If you are the family or know who they might be, contact details for how to get in touch with Farquhar are given in the article.

DW Nominated for BAFTA

Series four of Doctor Who, transmitted last year on BBC One, has been shortlisted in the Best Drama Series category at the British Academy Television Awards (BAFTAs), the UK's most prestigious television accolades. This is the second time that the programme has been nominated for this award - series one was nominated and won the category at the 2006 ceremony.

The BAFTA website shows that Doctor Who has been nominated alongside Channel 4's Shameless and BBC One stablemates Spooks and Wallander. Spooks and Shameless were also nominated the last time that Doctor Who won the category.

The awards will be presented at a ceremony held in the Royal Festival Hall in London on Sunday the 26th of April

Sunday, 22 March 2009

2 more photos from Yesterdays Filming (21.03.09)

Here are some more photographs from yesterdays filming at Blackwells Bookstore, the first is of the extras outside the shop, the second is a very clear picture of A Journal of Impossible Things cover!

Thanx to Alun.Vega for sharing these, his photostream, is here.

Report on Filming on 4.17

Filming for David Tennant’s final two-parter is now underway in Cardiff, and the first day of filming brought with it a surprising twist which has taken the online fandom by storm.

The scene being filmed was inside a book shop, where a signing of Verity Newman’s novel ‘A Journal of Impossible Things’ was taking place. And it just so happens that the diary John Smith kept of his dreams in the Series 3 adventure Human Nature/The Family of Blood had the same name! Coincidence?

But the plot thickens! The actress playing the part of author Verity Newman is Jessica Hynes, who played John Smith’s love interest, Joan Redfern, in the 2007 episodes. And Sseeing as the regeneration episode is set in the present day, we can assume that Verity is a relation of Joan, who has had the stories Joan read in the journal passed down to her and written a novel based on the fascinating stories she’s heard - stories of the Doctor.

Ayegman to Appear on Paul O Grady

Freema Agyeman will be a guest on The Paul O’Grady Show on Thursday 26th March.

The actress will be popping in for a chat with Paul from 5pm onwards on Channel 4 - don’t miss it!

DW Filming New Round-Up

As you may have noticed, they have released a lot of photographs from Planet Of The Dead recently.

This means a teaser/trailer isn't far behind, my money is on BBC1 on Saturday, at 7pm-ish, but this is a guess! Followed by an article in the Radio Times on transmission week, of course I will have them posted here :)

Filming news - they seem to have finished filming 4:16 a few days early, it was supposed to finish today, they have already started filming 4:17 yesterday , there is only one Doctor Who team filming, so its very unlikely they are filming both episodes simultaneously! We may find the title of 4:16 at the end of Planet Of The Dead too!

There is supposed to be a lot of location filming for 4:17/18, which means its probably set on Earth, so we should have a lot of set photographs and reports! 4:16 was set on an alien planet, so apart from the Dubai filming and some in the Bute tunnel, most was indoors, so not many spoilers!

As always, lots of news to come!


Planet of the Dead Trailer shown at Cardiff Millennium centre

The Browncoat Cat reports that a teaser/trailer was shown at Cardiff Millenium Stadium during half-time today, a summary -

- Various assorted clips of Cardiff doubling for London and Dubai doubling for an Alien Planet.
- Michelle Ryan doing some sort of Mission Impossible break in with wires and a harness.
- UNIT troops shooting at something after Captain Erisa Magambo declares a Code Red.
- A steaming burnt corpse appearing in the tunnel.
- The Doctor asking Christina if she was ready.
- A woman saying we're dead over and over again.
- Lots of glorious panoramic shots of the desert.
- Christina being pursued by the Police.
- The Doctor and Christina aboard the bus.

So a trailer is about, has anyone got a camcorder copy of this I wonder? I'm sure there will be a BBC transmission version of this soon!


Saturday, 21 March 2009

Report from Filming 4.17 (21.03.09)

That was sneaky, I was out most of the day, so missed these coming in! This story seems to have links back to the Doctors marriage in Family of Blood, it was filmed here.

Thanx to Scooty for sharing these great photographs, you can see all todays shoot here!

Is it possible the Doctor had a son, who had a daughter, who publishes a book with a title that concerns the Doctor?

Alun.Vega says - The scene is a bookstore, present day earth etc. nothing to hint that its parallel or anything spooky, and an author called Verity Newman is signing her book: A Journal of Impossible Things. A customer steps up to have his book signed, and its the Doctor. He has a short conversation with Verity, with a sad but stern expression on his face. Then he turns and walks away. The book is a modern hardback with a purple cover featuring a fobwatch design. And guess who's playing Verity? Jessica Hynes who played Joan Redfern!

Thanx for BrigadeCommander for these great photographs, you can see more of his pictures here.

And here are some from Alun.Vega, including a picture of outside!

Thanx to Alun.Vega for sharing there, his photostream ishere.

New Images from Filming 4.18 (21.03.09)

New Tritovore Images