Saturday, 14 March 2009

More DW to Come

With the Sarah Jane Adventures special out of the way, whats next?

I suspect in the next couple of weeks we should see a trailer for Planet of the Dead, plus more promotions up to Easter, then a Radio Times article on it, followed by transmission over Easter.

They are currently finishing filming for 4:16, the currently untitled next episode, to be shown before Christmas 2009, it seems most of this story is filmed indoors, so not so many spoilers. We may find out its title at the end of the Easter episode.

March 23rd sees 4:17-18 start filming, Russell T Davies has gone on record saying we will find out who is in it, so that means a lot of outdoor filming!

Then they have to start work on Sarah Jane Adventures season 3!

So there is plenty of material to come!

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