Saturday, 21 March 2009

Report from Filming 4.17 (21.03.09)

That was sneaky, I was out most of the day, so missed these coming in! This story seems to have links back to the Doctors marriage in Family of Blood, it was filmed here.

Thanx to Scooty for sharing these great photographs, you can see all todays shoot here!

Is it possible the Doctor had a son, who had a daughter, who publishes a book with a title that concerns the Doctor?

Alun.Vega says - The scene is a bookstore, present day earth etc. nothing to hint that its parallel or anything spooky, and an author called Verity Newman is signing her book: A Journal of Impossible Things. A customer steps up to have his book signed, and its the Doctor. He has a short conversation with Verity, with a sad but stern expression on his face. Then he turns and walks away. The book is a modern hardback with a purple cover featuring a fobwatch design. And guess who's playing Verity? Jessica Hynes who played Joan Redfern!

Thanx for BrigadeCommander for these great photographs, you can see more of his pictures here.

And here are some from Alun.Vega, including a picture of outside!

Thanx to Alun.Vega for sharing there, his photostream ishere.

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