Thursday, 12 March 2009

Planet of the Dead Trailer to be Shown on RND Comic Relief

I'm not one to listen to rumours, and most of them I treat with extreme contempt, especially ones passed as fact by the tabloids, however...Over the last couple of days there have been a lot of forum rumours about a teaser trailer for Planet Of The Dead, to be shown on Friday during the Red Nose Day marathon.

This rumour is probably because David Tennant is co-presenting the first hour, but this one may actually come true. After all, what better vehicle to advertise the easter special than Red Nose Day?We may get a transmission time too, although as its still a month away, it probably hasn't been finalised yet!

I could be wrong in entertaining this rumour, but gut instinct tells me its worth listening to this one (and it still may never happen!).

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