Sunday, 22 March 2009

Planet of the Dead Trailer shown at Cardiff Millennium centre

The Browncoat Cat reports that a teaser/trailer was shown at Cardiff Millenium Stadium during half-time today, a summary -

- Various assorted clips of Cardiff doubling for London and Dubai doubling for an Alien Planet.
- Michelle Ryan doing some sort of Mission Impossible break in with wires and a harness.
- UNIT troops shooting at something after Captain Erisa Magambo declares a Code Red.
- A steaming burnt corpse appearing in the tunnel.
- The Doctor asking Christina if she was ready.
- A woman saying we're dead over and over again.
- Lots of glorious panoramic shots of the desert.
- Christina being pursued by the Police.
- The Doctor and Christina aboard the bus.

So a trailer is about, has anyone got a camcorder copy of this I wonder? I'm sure there will be a BBC transmission version of this soon!

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