Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Planet of the Dead to Air on Easter Sunday (presumably)

April 12 will have the biggest Easter Egg of them all - the "200th" Doctor Who story, Planet of the Dead.

The listings magazine for Sky customers, Sky Mag, is reporting that the first of this year's Doctor Who specials will be screened on Easter Sunday - April 12.

No specific time has been detailed but the BBC have scheduled Planet of the Dead for Week 15, which takes in April 11-17. Airing the special on the Sunday will ease the potential headache for schedulers as the Saturday night of April 11 will see BBC1's Robin Hood squaring off against ITV1's Primeval.

A trailer for the special was screened in the Millenium Stadium during the half time of the recent Six Nations Rugby game which would indicate that it will hit our screens this weekend, possibly after (or before) the Robin Hood series opener.

Planet of the Dead will also be screened on BBC HD, a first for Doctor Who, and stars Lee Evans (The Fifth Element) with Michelle Ryan (The Bionic Woman). The DVD already has a release date of May 11.

Den of Geek reports Planet of the Dead is to be transmitted on Easter Sunday, which throws my prediction of Saturday out by 24hours! This means Doctor Who isn't going up against Primeval, and Robin Hood doesn't need to move up!

The BBCs Easter Egg to us will officially be the 200th story! There is no transmission time as of yet, but you can bet its on around 7pm :) It will be the first Doctor Who story to be transmitted in HD!

The first of this year’s Doctor Who specials, Planet of the Dead, will air on Easter Sunday, according to Sky’s listings magazine.

Sky Mag has put the episode’s transmission date down as being April 12th 2009, meaning that the episode will air on the Sunday rather than the Saturday.

A preview of the episode, which is the first in the show’s history to be filmed in HD, was shown at the Millenium Stadium during the recent Six Nations Rugby match. It’s believed that the same trailer will debut on our screens this weekend - either before or after the first episode of the new series of Robin Hood.

Please bear in mind that although this broadcast date is likely, it’s still yet to be finalised by the BBC


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