Monday, 9 March 2009

Anna Friel to Star in Series 3 of SJA

There were a few posts about this weekend claiming Anna Friel is to be in the Sarah Jane Adventures season three, and its supposed to be from various newspapers, but googling for this brings nothing but blog reports, so is it true? Is this just a rumour everyones repeating? Can anyone provide a link to the newspaper reports? (Not doubting anyone here, but rumours are everywhere, no offence is meant!). Is the star of American comedy Pushing Daisies also doing childrens TV? It is no great shock that the BBC haven't confirmed these reports!

The claims are that Anna will appear as an evil life-sized zombie doll that Sarah Jane, Rani, Luke and Clyde will encounter.

Sources include and

The Express newspaper has been suggested as a source, but a search of the Express site doesn't find the story! Although they have this article about Friel turning down TV work to star in movies! I now suspect the story only appeared in the Express, not various newspapers (please, prove me wrong!), and only in the print edition, so unless any real conformation arrives, I feel we need to file it with the multitude of to be the new Doctor Who reports we have read over the last year?

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