Friday, 20 March 2009

new images of the Bus at Upperboat and Reports

Here are some more photographs of the replacement damaged bus from Planet of the Dead.
Scooty says:
Since it was such a beautiful day today, I took a trip up to Upper Boat today and spent the afternoon down on the beautiful footpath area that runs behind the studios and along the River Taff. Managed to find out some interesting snippits of information, though I'm not sure how relevant they are. I spoke to a few builders who were near the studios, they were clearing away the footpath ready for a sliproad to be built behind the studios for the new Church Village - Llantrisant bypass. Now, this is normally a very quiet area, but when heavy construction starts here, is this going to affect the studio? Is it already soundproofed or would the expense to do so mean it would be better to move studios? This could fit with rumours about a move down to the Bay, Oh and the builders had said they had visited the TARDIS and Hub sets! So much for a security lockdown!
Thanx to Scooty for this report and Photographs!

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