Sunday, 22 March 2009

Report on Filming on 4.17

Filming for David Tennant’s final two-parter is now underway in Cardiff, and the first day of filming brought with it a surprising twist which has taken the online fandom by storm.

The scene being filmed was inside a book shop, where a signing of Verity Newman’s novel ‘A Journal of Impossible Things’ was taking place. And it just so happens that the diary John Smith kept of his dreams in the Series 3 adventure Human Nature/The Family of Blood had the same name! Coincidence?

But the plot thickens! The actress playing the part of author Verity Newman is Jessica Hynes, who played John Smith’s love interest, Joan Redfern, in the 2007 episodes. And Sseeing as the regeneration episode is set in the present day, we can assume that Verity is a relation of Joan, who has had the stories Joan read in the journal passed down to her and written a novel based on the fascinating stories she’s heard - stories of the Doctor.

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