Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tennant Talks About Hosting RND Comic Relief

David Tennant has been talking candidly about his latest challenge - presenting this year's Comic Relief!

"I'm co-presenting this year's TV extravaganza, on BBC One on Friday the 13th - which won't be unlucky this year, I promise..." revealed David in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine. "Live telly is always exhilarating, but I'm sure this will be even more so, because I'm expected to be fronting it - well, the first hour or so, which does give me some more responsibility..."

Asked how he thought he would cope presenting alongside Davina McCall, described by the magazine as the 'Loudest Woman on Telly', David admitted he had a plan. "Well, I've had a word with the sound men to turn my microphone up louder, so I'm hoping that should equalise it out a bit! It'll be a challenge!"

As previously reported, Comic Relief also features a special mini-edition of The Sarah Jane Adventures, in which Elisabeth Sladen and K9 are joined by comedy legend Ronnie Corbett.

As well as more from David, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out now, also features head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies' thoughts on whether or Planet of the Dead will really be the 200th TV Doctor Who story, plus co-writer Gareth Roberts' inside scoop on the adventure.


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