Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Doctor Who - 2008- End Of year Review

As 2008 draws to a close and we say hello to 2009 i decided to a end of year round up of the year surrounding doctor who and its sipn- offs so lets begin.

in January we had torchwood series 2 which aired on BBC Two on 9 January 2008 which began with kiss kiss bang bang. The series reached new levels of success this year, so much in fact that Series 3 has been promoted to BBC One! Unfortunately, we were forced to bid farewell to both Tosh and Owen at the end of the series, but they will always remain in our hearts! They did good, didn't they? The series drew to a close on April 4th with Exit Wounds

Then April 5th came and Doctor who series 4 launched in April with Partners In Crime. In it we had everything and everyone, ranging from monsters made from fat to creatures lurking in the shadows... And to finish it all off, all of our favourite companions from the past 4 years returned for the ultimate series showdown against the Daleks, led by their creator, Davros. The Doctor and Donna, with the help of Rose, Jack, Martha and Sarah Jane, did battle to save the world from the oncoming Darkness. It was for the final episode, Journey's End which aired in July 5th, that Doctor Who was crowned the most watched programme of the week for the first time in its entire history!

By this time Doctor who had massive ratings which drew in 10 million viewers making it the 1st most watched program of that week. second was Voyage of the damned which saw 13 million viewers for that week alone.

Over the next 5 months where quite interesting.
At the end of the journeys end we had a teaser trailer for the next doctor

then in July across the atlantic at comic-con san Diego saw anohter trialer for the next doctor which proved interesting

Came September and Russell T davies Along with Benjamin Cook Released The writers tale which was a series of email between the 2 of them and showed an alternative ending to journeys end where we saw the doctor saying what 3 times and 2 cybermen were behind them which was interesting to see.

Also in september saw the first episode of series 2 of The Sarah Jane f Adventures and a new character called rani. Fans Of the show were also have found out that third series to be aired to next Autumn!.

October drew fandom at its highest when david tennant announced at the National television Awards that he is to step down as the 10th doctor at the end of the 2009 gap year specials. This news was among others expected as both rtd and julie garnder and Phil colinson have left and Stephen Moffat also announced that he is to take over as executive producer of series 5 and piers wegenr to take over as head of drama was anticipated
This would leave us fans and the bbc the search for the 11th doctor and the search still continues

November left us with a 2 minute preview of the next doctor which was shown on the Children in Need telethon
Many names have left bookies possiblites with the Next doctor

December And just a few short days ago, we were also treated to this year's Christmas special, The Next Doctor, which saw the return of the Cybermen and the rather extreme rise of the CyberKing. the ratings overnights showed 11.7 million viewers with 12.56 peaked which showed dw can be the top program at christmas

The Future definitely looks bright for the Whoniverse!

Although we'll only have a few episodes of Doctor Who in 2009, and just 5 episodes of Torchwood, no doubt the storylines will be bigger and better than ever before, and of course there's one huge storyline we're all waiting for...

So with that in mind i wish everyone at radiodw and to all the viewers and readers of this blog a happy New Year and hope for a Fantastic 2009 for who fans one and all.

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