Wednesday, 1 July 2009

TW Radio Plays On R4 Today Starting with Asylum

Don’t forget that the first of the three new exclusive Torchwood radio plays, Asylum by Anita Sullivan, will be on later this afternoon.

In the story, PC Andy calls in Torchwood after he arrests a teenage shoplifter who he finds carrying a mysterious weapon. Under questioning from Gwen, the girl remembers her name but little else, and when she speaks it’s in a strange mix of English and Scandinavian, but with a Cardiff accent. When the girl’s blood tests come through, the team is faced with a dilemma…

Asylum will be on at 2:15PM today on BBC Radio 4, and after it’s aired, you’ll be able to listen to it again for 7 days via the BBC’s iPlayer service. It’ll also be available to purchase on CD from tomorrow. Enjoy!

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