Saturday, 1 November 2008

Tenant On Breakfast and Other news

According to the official bbc Doctor who news site David tennant is to appear on the BBC news breakfast show who will comment on his departure and will talk about this years Christmas special and the 2009 gap year specials.

In other news according to the evening Post Russell T davies already knew about Tennnants departure months ago and the National television awards was the right time to announce it since about 8 million people are there to watch it so it was only suitable to announce the news. He says the announcement was months in the making, it took months to plan this he continues to say that it they had to keep pit under wraps without any information leaking out and they managed to do it successfully.

There is a video interview on the ITN website which can be seen here:

along with this, the media has gone mad around the world with david tennant announcement 

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