Saturday, 29 November 2008

Morrisey uneasy with Green screen

David Morrissey has admitted to having difficulty acting with 'green screens' in the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor'.

“The difficulty for me is green screen - trying to create a relationship with something that isn’t there," Morrissey told the Radio Times about the devices, which are used as a means to add computer generated effects in post-production.

"It’s just a man holding a scaffolding pole with a tennis ball on the end," the former Basic Instinct 2 actor continued. "It’s a weird process."

However, Morrissey added that the return of some familiar foes to the show boosted his own performance. "At least with the Cybermen, their cold, emotionless faces are right there, so you can react to them," he said. "Plenty of kids will sleep with the lights on come Christmas night."

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