Monday, 24 November 2008

Big Bro contestant wants to be the Doctor and other news

Big Brother winner Pete Bennett is bidding to become the next Doctor Who

Tourette’s sufferer Pete, 26, who won BB7, is trying to persuade BBC bosses to let him take over from David Tennant, 37, as the cult telly Time Lord.Pete, who netted £100,000 for winning BB in 2006, currently has 140 fans backing his dream on his page on social networking site Facebook. It says: “If we can get enough people, the BBC just has to listen.”

Bennett, who suffers from Tourette's syndrome, won the 7th series of the Channel 4 reality TV show in 2006, and has recently set up a page on his Facebook profile for fans to back his dream to star as the Time Lord. He already has over 100 supporters."If we can get enough people, the BBC just has to listen," he told the Daily Star.

The sun has an article about the forth coming christmas special:
GUESS Who? It’s the Doctor’s new sidekick Dervla Kerwan — with a Cyberman on her tail

Ballykissangel actress and M&S ads voiceover girl Dervla, 37, stars with Timelord David Tennant, as Miss Hartigan in the Christmas special.
It sees the pair go back to Victorian Britain to battle the humanoid cyborgs:

An article in the Daily star Announces the BBC Christmas Line-up

Doctor Who fans are in for a treat, too. David Tennant, 37, returns as the Time Lord to battle the deadly Cybermen in a Christmas special, also featuring Dervla Kirwan, 37.

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