Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Paterson Joseph is the 11th Doctor

According to Comic Book Resources section Lying in the Gutter, it appears that Paterson Joseph is the 11th doctor, apparently the bbc asked him a few week/days earlier and he accepted the role, further along the article it also states that for series 5 the tardis console room will change. Below is the article along with the link:
Lying In The Gutters currently feels ready to make the call that Paterson Joseph is the new Doctor Who. I understand that while there were still a number of contenders in the running at the beginning of last week, the role was offered to him by the BBC a few days later and he accepted. That Joseph was showrunner-from-2010 Steven Moffat's favourite choice, was revealed in Lying In The Gutters inearly October, which caused the bookies to make him their favourite. His odds dropped when further tabloid rumours tagged other actors, as well as a horrific misreading of the upcoming Christmas special co-starring David Morrissey as The Next Doctor - ignoring the audio drama it is based on, “The One Doctor.” But as of now, he's the bookies' favourite again. And PaddyPower have withdrawn the category, a sign that they believe the decision has been made. Meanwhile Betfair have him at around 1/2 odds. Paterson Joseph starred in a very Hartnell/Pertwee turn as The Marquis De Carabas in “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman, rumoured to be writing an episode of the series in 2010.  Joseph also played a strong supporting role in Steve Moffat's “Jekyll”, Alan Johnson in “Peep Show” and a regular character actor in “The Mitchell And Webb Look”. He currently appears in the BBC remaking of Terry Nation's "Survivors." He does a great line in pompous, mischievous, inspiring, well-presented, well-spoken, with a big cheesey grin.He's absolutely perfect for the role. I can't wait. 

Also for 2010, we're not only getting a new Doctor but it appears the TARDIS console room will get a new desktop theme…

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