Saturday, 29 November 2008

Morrisey could be the 11th Doctor(Possibly)

Wales Online has report about how David Morrisey who is appearing in the Christmas special, reports that he could be the 11th Doctor:

DOCTOR Who writer Russell T Davies has given a strong hint that David Morrissey will be the next timelord.

Morrissey will appear alongside outgoing doctor David Tennant in his swansong this Christmas and the Welsh writer said: “Anyone playing the Doctor has to be capable of anything – action, heartbreak, comedy, wielding a sonic screwdriver – and David Morrissey’s got that in spades.”

He added: “He’s one of those actors who can turn on a sixpence; light-hearted one minute, tragic the next.

“Sounds exactly like a Time Lord to me.”

Morrissey will guest star in athis year's Christmas special – entitled The Next Doctor.

A special preview on Children in Need showed the two actors – both playing Doctors, meeting in Victorian London.

Asked if he would return to Doctor Who, Morrissey told the Radio Times: “Oh yeah. Definitely. I love it.

“I’ve had a great time... If they asked me back I’d jump at it, I think it’s a great character and I’ve loved every minute.”

Asked if former Doctors had influenced his performance, Morrissey said: “When I look at Tom Baker and William Hartnell, there’s a truth to their performances; Patrick Troughton as well.

“They never saw it as a genre show or a children’s show.”

He said his difficulty was trying trying to create a relationship with something that was not there, in special effects scenes.

“At least with the Cybermen, their cold, emotionless faces are right there, so you can react to them.

“Plenty of kids will sleep with the lights on come Christmas night.”

Like Tennant and his predecessor Christopher Eccleston, Rada-trained Morrissey comes from a distinguished acting background.

He has played critically acclaimed roles in thriller State of Play and starred as Gordon Brown opposite Michael Sheen’s Tony Blair in The Deal.

Tennant and Morrissey have worked together before, in the 2004 BBC1 series Blackpool.

“What David’s done with the Doctor is so special,” Morrissey said.

“He has moved it on – not just the character, but also how he’s taken on the role publicly.

“When I got out of the car with David it was like being with a member of Take That!”

The interview is in the new issue of the Radio Times, on sale tomorrow.

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