Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The New Doctor (Sort of)

TV presenter Terry wogan has alluded on his Radio 2 breakfat show on Tueday Morning that the announcement of the next doctor might be announced during the night of The Chrildren in need telethon event, although nothing has apperaed to confirm this. The scif site wired suggest that it might be a good fund raiser event.

Along with this, many other media oulets have specualted on a number of actor/actresses to play the leads role. According to the daily mail, among others, it specualtes that Billie Piper could play a female time lord.

Whilest according to the guardian newspaper Lucy Mangan says that casting a female actress to play the lead role will be a good move for the show.

Since the Interview on BBC Breakfast, David tennant also commented on how he might return to the show in the near future if he was offered, Den of geek site further reports this

In other news, A back issue of DWM issue during the year 1999, stephen moffat commented on fans on how they would lime to see a actor to play the doctor, in which he suggested that an older actor to play the lead role, in which fans especially younger fans can look up to a "grandfather" figure. This story is taken by the sun and the bbc amercia site Anglophenia.
The Mirror aslo reports that Actor and ex-eastenders star Tom Ellis could be up for the role after Bosses came up to him and was approached by the idea. He last played a character called Tom Mulligan who we last saw in Series 3 episode 13 the Last of the time lords

Additional information specualting on whos next person to play the doctor can be found below:

David Morrisey is still tipped after bookmaker betted 2/1 for him being the next doctor. Among Other acotrs tipped to be the next doctor, a list of them with odds can be seen below:

2/1 David Morrisey
6/1 Patterson Joseph
8/1 James Nesbitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor
10/1 Russell Tovey, John Simm
12/1 Anthony Head
14/1 Robert Carlyle, David Walliams
16/1 Richard E. Grant
18/1 Richard Coyle, Aidan Gillen, Alan Davies, Sean Pertwee
20/1 Jason Statham, Harry Lloyd, Nigel Harman, Marc Warren, Jack Davenport
25/1 Julian Walsh, Adrian Lester, Alexander Armstrong
33/1 Julian Rhind-Tutt, Rupert Penry-Jones, James McAvoy
40/1 Bill Nighy, Stephen Fry, Ben Wishaw
50/1 John Barrowman, Ben Miles, David Suchet, Hugh Laurie
66/1 Gary Oldman, Matt Smith, Paul Bettany, Joel Beckett, Christopher Eccleston
80/1 Alex Kingston, Dean Lennox Kelly, Christopher Villiers
100/1 Ricky Gervais
150/1 Hugh Grant, Russell Brand, Vinnie Jones
200/1 Robbie Williams

And Finally The official bbc Doctor who website have published the offcial video which contains david tennants acceptanc speech and Also announcement. The bbc got rights from the publishers of the NTA to publish it on their site so the link can be seen here:

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