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Reviews and News Round-up

Lack of DW new this week since the departure of David tennant but first review of the latest SJA Ep4 The Mark of Berserker pt 1 and 2
The Mark of BerserkerBy Joesph Lidster Directed by Joss Angnew
What can we say about this episode well, we see the return of Clydes father who comes back after years of arguing with his wife then who runs off with his wifes sister. The main plot is that a pendant that controls humans and turn them berserk/mad with every control they use is jsut creative writing. The Boy in the beginning was there to show the consequence of the actions from using the pendant, The actor who plays clydes father is also the same guy who plyas Paul In eastenders also uses the same name in this story Paul then takes his son away with control of the pendant telling him to forget everything i mean this is emotional story for clyde as we see more of the character and his background, he has really made his charcter really strong, the father is just useless, even when he tries he doesn't the control of others is something that everyone wants to do but too much control makesyou berserke which joesph has turn brilliantly, the fianl scenes with SJA and her past will be something major in the next episode. overalll nice story, real emotional plot, strong characters and good plot lines.
Next Time The last Tempation of Sarah Jane part to be broadcast on CBBC channel 17 November 5:15pm BWT

DWM 402

Issue 402 is out Now price at £3.99 at is avialble at newsagents, tescos and WHsmith, the imahe is seen bllow, content publish shortly

Doctor Who Back Stage

Four hundred BBC Children in Need competition winners flocked to the Doctor Who studios near Cardiff this weekend for a once-in-a-lifetime backstage tour, raising thousands of pounds for disadvantaged children.
The lucky winners - who travelled from every corner of the UK - were treated to an unforgettable experience after beating off competition from tens of thousands of the show's fans. It's the first time the studios have been opened up to the public.
After opening the TARDIS doors at the BBC Wales studios, the winners came face-to-face with some of the Doctor's fiercest enemies, took a tour around the Torchwood hub, and even got a chance to take part in a specially written scene from The Sarah Jane Adventures.
As an extra bonus some of the shows' most well known faces - including Head Writer Russell T Davies, executive producer Julie Gardner and Torchwood stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles - made special appearances to welcome people to the experience.
"The weekend was absolutely fantastic!" said Russell T Davies. "Taking fans to the heart of where it all happens was truly wonderful. To be able to share the experience with them - the people who have supported us so much over the years - is a real honour."
"Everyone had an unforgettable experience and it was our pleasure to welcome them," added John Barrowman. "To see the excitement on their faces is what it's all about. It was fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!"
BBC Children in Need's aim is to positively change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. The 2008 BBC Children in Need telethon. Source BBC Doctor Who
2 Images from the site can be seen below:

According to the daily record there is n interview and article with john simm
"I find some aspects of stardom quite strange, admits Doctor Who star John Simm
JOHN SIMM has been here, there and everywhere over the last couple of years and he is on the move again for his latest TV project, the hard-hitting historical drama The Devil's Whore.
Since 2006 John has been transformed from an actor with a fine reputation to a household name, courtesy of those key roles in Life On Mars and Dr Who. And while having no regrets about involving himself in either project, it's clear that the label 'star' sits heavily on his shoulders.
"It's not what I came into this business to be, it's never what I aspired to be," says John, relaxing between scenes on the set of The Devil's Whore near Cape Town.
"I'm okay with most aspects of recognition. I accept that kids are going to want my autograph when they see me in the street and clock me from Dr Who and I'm more than happy to oblige. But there are some parts of 'stardom' which I find strange. For example, when I'd finished Life On Mars and Dr Who I felt the need to disappear for a while, to step away from the spotlight.
"So I did a play, Elling, in London, and every night I came out of the theatre there'd be this same guy there, asking for my autograph. I can understand somebody wanting me to sign my name for them once, but 19 times? Very strange.
"And I never realised what impact playing The Master was going to have on my seven-year-old son, Ryan. I'd take him to school in the morning and I'd feel like the Pied Piper with this huge gaggle of kids around me in playground.
"Ryan is proud of the fact that his dad's been in Dr Who - one of the reasons I wanted to be in the programme, in the first place, is because he's such a fan of the show - but he was a bit freaked out by all the attention and I'm sorry it happened that way.
"Though I'm not, by the way," adds John, hastily, "ruling out a return to Dr Who in the future.
"It's too exciting a show to be a part offor me to do that."
The Devil's Whore begins on Channel 4 on November 19.
According to the Guardian Newspaper site, there is ana rticle about Julie Gardner moving to the US to take up head of BBC worldwide with Jane tranter.
The outgoing BBC Wales head of drama, Julie Gardner, who oversees shows including Doctor Who and Merlin, is set to join her current boss Jane Tranter in the US. understands the Gardner is being lined up for a job with Tranter, the outgoing BBC Fiction controller, when she moves to Los Angeles on Boxing Day to head up BBC Worldwide's west coast drama and entertainment production operation.
Sources have said that Gardner is expected to joi
n Tranter in LA in late 2009 after she has finished work on her remaining BBC Wales commitments, with one insider saying she was being lined up either as Tranter's deputy or her head of production.
Gardner, who co-executive produces Doctor Who, announced in December last year that she would stand down from her role at BBC Wales in January.
There has been speculation that at least two of the Doctor Who specials could be filmed in the US, with Gardner going out to oversee them with a permanent move to LA soon after.
At the time of Gardner's announcement of her departure in December last year, Tranter described her as "one of the most impressive television executives in the UK".
"Her success over the past four years in BBC Wales drama has been unparalleled and her work on Doctor Who has earned her a place in TV history," she said.
A BBC spokesman said: "Julie has not announced any plans to move."
And Finally There is a Doctor who supplement with This months issue 402 of DWM that goes behind the scenes of DW and the future of doctor who and according to it states that russell T davies has denied any news of all living actors to play the doctor for children in need tommorrow and continues to say that don't eoxect any surpries as there is nothing planned for this years telethon except for the 2 minute pre-crdit sepuence for this yeras christmas special tne Next doctor.
Ah well at least we've got the 2 minute preview to look foward to.

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