Tuesday, 16 June 2009

TW Children Of Earth official Soundtrack (OST) Confirmed Details plus Analysis of Soundtrack

Silva Screen Records have released the cover and further details regarding the release of the Children of Earth Original Television Soundtrack.

The score, which will be available to purchase from July 7th 2009, contains 40 pieces of incidential music, composed by Ben Foster, which will be heard throughout the programme’s third series.

The complete list of track listings for the CD have also been unveiled.

1. The First Sacrifice

21. The World Looks to the Skies
2. What's Occuring? 22. Jack's Secret
3. Jack's Daughter 23. Clem Remembers
4. Diplomatic Cars 24. Judgement Day
5. We Are Coming 25. Requiem for the Fallen
6. Thames House 26. The Ballad of Ianto Jones
7. Double Crossed 27. The Final Day
8. Countdown to Destruction 28. Calm Before the Storm
9. The Crater 29. Phase Two Has Begun
10. Torchwood Hunted 30. Requisition 31
11. Gwen's Baby 31. Here Comes Torchwood
12. On The Run 32. He Was a Good Man
13. Jack in a Box 33. The Children of the Earth
14. Ianto Jones 34. Breaking the Connection
15. Tractor Attack 35. Fighting Back
16. Resurrection 36. Run for Your Lives
17. Clement MacDonald 37. Sacrifice and Salvation
18. Something's Coming 38. Redemption
19. Eye Spy 39. I Can Run Forever
20. Trust Nobody 40. Next Time on Torchwood

Play.com have a track list for the forthcoming Torchwood Children of Earth Soundtrack, and it has some very interesting titles, I'll ignore the less obvious/pointless ones;

3 - Jacks Daughter - We where told we would find more out about Jack, so how about this?
7 - Double Crossed - They are double crossed, you can't be serious? (actually they are!)
9 - The Crater - Probably after the destruction of the Cardiff Torchwood hub (yes it really happens, right at the end of part 1!)
10 - Gwens Baby - Eve Myles is pregnant in real life, and finds she is in the story too.
15 - Tractor Attack - Attacked by a man on a tractor? Get orff my laaaaand!
22 - Jack's Secret - Jack has another secret, how many can one man have?
25 - Requiem for the Fallen - See below
26 - The Ballad of Ianto Jones - There are serious rumours Ianto dies, could this be proof?
32 - He Was a Good Man - Ditto

And remember, there are my opinion based on titles and known facts/rumours, they may not all be true!


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