Saturday, 13 June 2009

Freema talks Martha, marriage and Karen Gillan!

Freema Agyeman has addressed the recent rumours regarding Martha’s return in David Tennant’s last episode, as well as the reports that suggested the character will be getting married in the story too.

Speaking to DigitalSpy recently, the actress, who played the Doctor’s fiesty companion in Series 3 and 4 of the programme, commented on the tabloid speculation, but was careful not to let any potential spoilers slip.

“You know I can’t confirm or deny anything,” she teased. “There’s always things put out there - some true, some not, and some things that never get out until the day you’re seeing it, which is rare. I will say… just watch!”

When asked about what she thought of Karen Gillan being cast as the new companion in Series 5, she said: “I think she looks great! She’s rocking the Rose look, she’s got the Catherine hair, she’s Scottish like David… we love her! She’s part of the family now.”

She added: “I know there are going to be children and adults out there who will always associate me with Martha Jones, and that’s absolutely fine. Actually, I welcome it, because [the show] changed my life, and it’ll never be something that I’ll think I need to brush off.”

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