Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lies about So called "BBC Insiders or Unnamed Source"

There have been many stories in the press that quote the source as A BBC Insider or An Unnamed Source, this is the way the press says I made it up, I read it on a forum or even Someone told me in the pub, but what it really means is I'm a liar!

At the moment the press are talking about yesterdays Torchwood Children Of Earth screening, followed by a Russell T Davies Q&A. They are claiming Davis said the Daleks are in Matt Smiths premier episode, but since then I have heard from two separate sources that Davis never talked about Doctor Who, and to add to this Davis has nothing to do with Doctor Who series 5, so why would he be announcing about it?

Unless its in a BBC press release, or comes from someone in the Doctor Who production team, we need to take it with a large pinch of salt. It is a shame that being a journalist means you have to make things up, instead of reporting facts!

Additional, 3 quotes about last night at the BFI;
constellationscorpio: as far as I'm aware there was absolutely no mention of Daleks, retro-TARDISes, or anything like it.

unknownj: he said nothing about Doctor Who. I don't know where those idiot rumours are coming from, but they certainly didn't come out of anything RTD said last night.

cybus: i promise, RTD DID NOT talk about matt smith nor dalek.

Thanx to the above 3 for the quotes :)

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