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DW 2009 Production Interview

I have been exchanging email with Kenneth Dinkins, the script editor with the high quality fan made series Doctor Who 2009, I asked about an interview, he agreed and here it is! This is an interview with Aron Presswood, the producer of Doctor Who 2009 and Kenneth Dinkins, the script editor.

Combom: Kenneth Raymond Moore and Jennifer Richman look to be excellent in Doctor Who 2009, but if you could have any of the previous doctors and companions in Doctor Who 2009, who would they be?

Aron: Christopher Eccleston, Jon Pertwee, and Billie Piper. Paul McGann would be good too. He didn’t get his chance with only one TV Movie. Frobisher rocks, too.

Kenneth: Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Paul McGann, Lalla Ward, Frobisher – all of them, really. I love them all and would want to work any of them.

Combom: If you could have any famous Movie/TV actor to play the doctor and his companion, who would you like to have!

Aron: The Doctor would be played by Anthony Hopkins. The companion would be played by Traci Lords.

Kenneth: If were talking about strictly Hollywood actors I’d say Liam Neeson or Geoffrey Rush. But they probably wouldn’t be first to come to mind if I was actually casting the TV series, I’d like to cast Stephen Campbell Moore from The History Boys and Ashes to Ashes.

Combom: After seeing your first trailer I thought to myself this looks too good, have you had any negativity from the BBC about it?

Aron: No, they have let us be, so far.

Kenneth: They haven’t contacted us. I don’t think the BBC would think it looks too good. I think it looks good, but I think the amateur quality is still present. I was happy to see that Devious is being released on The War Games DVD, though. It's nice that the BBC would include a fan film on one of their official releases.

Combom: What has been the hardest part of Doctor Who 2009 to create so far?

Aron: You name it! Everything has been a challenge. But, anything worth doing is worth doing right. All through this project we have held our heads high and kept our eyes on the prize, which is telling a fantastic story and staying true to the greatest sci-fi show of all time.

Kenneth: Working with Aron is the hardest part – just kidding. Everything is a challenge, but that’s what I love. I really wish people could see all the creative brainstorming we did to try to figure out how to get things to work. It’s probably one of the most rewarding aspects.

Combom: Do any of you have a background in TV or movie production, or would you describe yourselves as gifted amateurs.

Aron: Ken and I both have a theater background. We have also made short films that you can find on YouTube and MySpace.

Kenneth: I'm a 2D Compositor, Editor, and do freelance writing. But we’re not the gifted ones. I mean we could have never made Doctor Who Fire and Ice with just Aron and I. I mean Aron looks ridiculous in a blonde wig! But seriously – so many people have contributed in so many ways.

Combom: You work under the project title Doctor Who 2009, but we are already seeing a few delays - with hindsight was using 2009 necessarily a good idea?

Aron: I believe so.

Kenneth: We had never meant to call it Doctor Who 2009, actually. We had talked about some different names like Doctor Who: Series X (like the letter), but we were afraid people would think it was Doctor Who: Series 10. We referred to it as Doctor Who 2009 on our production paperwork. We didn’t build the website. There’s another guy who put it together. None of us thought to mention it wasn’t supposed to be called Doctor Who 2009 and so that’s what it became.

Combom: If you could bring back any classic monster, that you haven’t already, who would it be and why?

Aron: Giant Maggots. Why? Because they freak me out!

Kenneth: The Master. I love what Russell T. Davies did with the character in Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords. I thought it was brilliant. However, I’ve had ideas for a long time about a specific way I’d like to write the character that’s never been attempted before. However, I purposely didn’t include the character in Doctor Who 2009. He just didn’t fit in with the grand scheme of things.

Combom: What is your favorite classic Doctor Who story?

Aron: I can’t choose. It’s like choosing who your favorite child is.

Kenneth: I like to rank my children, but not my Doctor Who. I really could never choose that. I love them all and even still buy the ones I hate on video and DVD. I always recommend people new the series watch The Caves of Androzani or The Talons of Weng-Chiang because people generally like those, but I wouldn't choose them as my favourite because they're so stereotypical - though I do absolutely adore The Brain of Morbius. I absolutely love it.

Combom: Thank you for the interview, Would you like to add anything?

Aron: I just wanted to say you’ve been fantastic absolutely fantastic… just kidding I’m not going to go there. I would like to thank you for this interview. It has been a blast and a half. I’d also like to thank the fans. Without you the series wouldn’t be possible.

Kenneth: I just want to thank everyone who is so supportive about the silly stuff we make. It’s really wonderful that people actually want to watch this and it means so much to us because we really love Doctor Who.

I will be providing links to Doctor Who 2009 as the episodes are released, any news as its made available and even have more Jigsaws coming soon too! Personally I can't wait for this, you can visit the Doctor Who 2009 website here, and join the forum here :) This is one fan series worth seeing!

You can also catch them on Facebook & MySpace, another YouTube page is here.

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