Thursday, 5 March 2009

DW Specials casting News

A neighbourly Aussie and a model join the Time Lord for the Doctor Who specials. We also find out what planet the finale is set on.

Two more names have been added to the cast of the upcoming Doctor Who specials; model Gemma Chan and former Neighbours actor Peter O'Brien.

Chan was spotted filming on the streets of Newport last week with Lindsay Duncan and David Tennant. According to a casting website,, the model will play a character called Mia Bennett in the Christmas special.

According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, O'Brien has confirmed that he will be filming Doctor Who at the end of this month. The former Casualty actor added that he will be playing a villain in the episode, part of David Tennant's final story, and it will be set on Mars. The Australian has previously worked with outgoing Who showrunner Russell T Davies on Queer As Folk.

So far the BBC has not confirmed the broadcast dates for any of the specials though it is believed that the first, Planet of the Dead, will air at Easter whilst the second will be shown on Christmas day. The very last episode will be screened in 2010, possibly New Year's Day.

At the weekend I asked the question who are the guest stars in Doctor Who 4:16, now they are revealed - Model Gemma Chan was speculated correctly, she will play someone called Mia Bennett.Former Neighbours actor Peter O'Brien (why am I feeling ashamed an ex-Neighbours star is in Doctor Who?) is playing a villain and will be shooting his scenes at the end of the month.The final story will be set on Mars!The Taffswel quarry filming was for Mars (as we thought), so the episode being filmed ATM is 4:17/18 as originally speculated! The snow (or whatever it is) covered streets must be on Mars in the year 4126+ :)

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