Thursday, 5 March 2009

Confirmed DW Special 4.16 is Xmas Special

After "Planet of the Dead", the next 'special' for the Doctor won't be until Christmas but at least the first one is on track for Easter.

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, series writer Gareth Roberts has confirmed that the second Doctor Who "special" will be broadcast at Christmas.

During an interview with the magazine the writer of Planet of the Dead (the first of this year's specials) said, "the Easter Special is pretty much all we've got until Christmas." The second special has recently started filming with Lindsay Duncan spotted on set with David Tennant, a "robot", some snow and Ood Sigma.

On the first special, Roberts remarks that he returned to some of his earlier work (the Virgin New Adventures) for inspiration telling DWM that there is a "vague" revisiting of his novel, The Highest Science with some "imagery" used in the final product. The Unicorn & The Wasp scribe also adds that this special will feature a character who is a "loving portrait of Doctor Who fandom."

Planet of the Dead, co~written by Russell T Davies and Roberts, is on track for an "Easter" broadcast despite numerous setbacks which included poor weather (at home and abroad) and a broken bus.

is a sad day for many Doctor Who fans - in DWM406 in an interview with Gareth Roberts, it is revealed that the story following Planet of the Dead at Easter will be the Christmas special - thats a long wait!I suppose on a positive note, we still have the Sarah Jane Adventures season 3 before Christmas and a possibility of K9 too.

Gareth Roberts has confirmed that the second 2009 special will air as this year’s Christmas episode.

The writer announced the news in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue #406, which is released in shops tomorrow.

Although it was already strongly rumoured that this may be the case, this does mean that after Planet of the Dead airs this Easter, we’ll have no new Who episodes for at least seven whole months. But do not fret, because we’ll still have the third series of both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures to occupy our minds!

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