Monday, 6 April 2009

Three Day Filming Schedule

Filming at Nant-Fawr Road starts today, and lasts until Wednesday.

Here is the schedule;
Mon 6 April (10am- 9pm) inside and outside.
Tues 7 April (9am-9pm) inside and outside.
Wed 8 April (8am -7pm) inside and outside.

What can we expect? I know set photographers are going there, so we can expect photographs! Personally I expect to see David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins, Catherine Tate (if she is in the story), Jacqueline King (ditto), and maybe others too!

David Tennant is a guest on Jo Whileys show on Wednesday, it runs from 10-1, so he may not be on set until mid afternoon (unless it is recorded)

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